Star Wars Squadrons Review As Best Reality Simulation Experience

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Star Wars Squadrons Review As Best Reality Simulation Experience
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At the beginning of October, the new star wars squadron game was released.

Developed by motive studios and published by EA.

The game had a lot of public interest before its release.

This is due to the statements issued by the game’s developer team.

Regarding his intention to provide a classic experience in terms of the way the content is presented, not the gameplay itself.

With regard to the idea of the game, it is a new idea taken from the world of star wars, but in a different way, which is to fly and fight using spacecraft inside big battles.

The story of the game revolves around the conflict between the rebels and the rulers.

So at the beginning of the game, you have to choose which side to fight for.

Then enter different levels where you fight to defend your chosen side.

Knowing that the story stage in the game is somewhat short.

It consists of 15 stages and some of them end in 15 to 30 minutes as your level of play improves.

The goal of having a story mode in the game is to prepare the player to enter cooperative play mode.

And that by giving you a lot of instructions and tips on how to play.

Although the missions in this phase are very interesting and have a great deal of variety between each task.

However, the style of presentation and narration of the story was extremely boring.

As a result of its reliance on long dialogues between specific characters, devoid of any strong cinematic scenes.

This causes the player to skip the scenes and start the missions directly.

Star Wars Squadrons Review As Best Reality Simulation Experience 1

Star Wars Squadrons’ gameplay

The gameplay in Star Wars Squadrons is so complex and beautiful that you overlook its flaws.

So that it makes you live the gaming experience very realistically.

The game greatly simulates reality while flying in battle.

The existing maneuvers are the best of this simulation.

So that maneuvers are the most important thing in the game during the engagement and cannot be dispensed with.

This adds to the legendary game style a great and fun effect.

One of the most important things that distinguish the style and gameplay of Star Wars Squadrons is the variety and difference in the type and characteristics of the vehicle you fight with.

This makes the gameplay very elaborate and realistic, and not limited to specific and simple.

The possibility of closing the HUD

The ability to close the HUD is one of the most important features available in the game.

When it is closed, all the auxiliary factors and that appear on the screen will be removed.

Which makes the player feel that he is in a real battle and pushes him to focus on the tasks required of him.

And that by focusing on the battlefield, response, and maneuvers

Star Wars Squadrons Review As Best Reality Simulation Experience 4

Online mode

Online mode is the most important mode in the game because the game basically does not focus on the limited story mode.

And that the online mode is what attracts players’ attention for the longest time.

It consists of two modes, the first type, DOGFIGHT, and the second mode, FLEET BATTLES.

Graphic and sound

The graphics and pictures in the game are great and are very impressive in terms of accurate and realistic details in the ships or the design of the maps.

Except that the player cannot interact with these graphics.

For example, when seeing a huge vehicle wreck, we will find that this image is very accurately drawn, full of detail and realistic colors.

However, the player cannot interact with this wreck in any way.

And when he tries to attack this wreck using missiles, we find that he will not be affected.

Despite the wonderful graphics and images in the game, the accuracy of the designs of the characters varied and different.

Some of the characters are wonderful, and accurate in terms of detail and realism.

Unlike some of the other characters who were somewhat imperfect in terms of features and facial details.

However, this is somewhat unimportant given that the game does not contain a lot of cinematic scenes.

On the other hand, the acoustics in the game were very good and wonderful and closely mimic reality and were full of various details that distinguish each sound from the others.

Besides the accuracy of the characters’ vocal performances in cinematic scenes

Star Wars Squadrons Review As Best Reality Simulation Experience 6

Game performance

The performance of the game is very good, as the game does not suffer from any problems when performing the tasks during the game.

They are extremely fluid and smooth, and give you a high-quality gaming experience even if you are using a mid-range device.

In general, Star Wars Squadrons provided an excellent and very impressive gaming experience.

Due to its reliance on the legendary and stacked gameplay.

However, despite that, the game did not reach the stage of perfection due to some problems in the course of the story that was mentioned

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