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CashU LEVANT $100

CashU LEVANT $100
USD 113.40
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Regions constraints: 
Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Turkey

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What is  СashU Levant 100$ card?

CashU is an online Payment Service Provider in the Middle East and North Africa. It provides  complete suite of payment solutions designed to cater for local culture and the Arab online buying habits and. CashU provides online shoppers in Arabic speaking and neighboring countries with secure, incomparable and easy to use payment solutions, offering an equal opportunity of online shopping for everyone without discriminating on the basis of age, income, nationality or banking contacts. It also presents to its customers English Language Video Tutorials on the use of CashU which show how to open an account and how to do online purchasing as well as adding credit to your CashU Account.

What can I do with CashU Levant 100$ card?

CashU is the most famous prepaid online and mobile payment method. CashU is used for paying for online games, VoIP, IT services, business, downloading of music and software. CashU Mall offers the most famous vendors in the Arab World and the West. You can browse the various sections and find hundreds of CashU customers. We put your attention that CashU $100 LEVANT card can be activated in Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Turkey

How to top up your CashU account?

1. Go to CASHU official website
2. Sign up for a CASHU account
3. Choose sign up for a payment account
4. Enter the required information
5. Use the information sent to your email to verify your account

Enjoy shopping  in thousands  of online stores and shops by purchasing cashu gift cards from our online store!

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