Binance TRX gift card

The Binance TRX Gift Card is your gateway to the vibrant world of Tron

Here's what makes the Binance TRX Gift Card special:

Global Accessibility: Binance operates in over 180 countries and territories, allowing you to gift TRX to anyone worldwide.

Convenient Purchase Options: You can easily purchase TRX gift cards online.

Customizable Amounts: Choose from various gift card denominations to perfectly suit your budget.

Eco-Friendly Choice: Gift cards are delivered electronically, minimizing your environmental impact.

How to redeem

  • Log into your Binance account.
  • Tap [Profile] [Gift Card].
  • Once you’re on the Gift Card page, tap [Redeem] [Redeem to Crypto].
  • Enter the gift card code and tap [Add].