Razer Gold

About Razer Gold

Get your hands on Razer Gold e-gift cards online to enjoy a seamless gaming experience on your favorite games. Razer Gold cards can be redeemed on popular gaming platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Steam, and Epic Games. These prepaid gaming cards are a convenient way to add funds to your gaming account or purchase digital content on the respective gaming platforms. Razer Gold cards come with a unique code that can be redeemed for a set amount of funds, which can be used to purchase games, DLC, and other content. These cards are widely available at retailers and online, making them a popular choice for gamers who want to enhance their gaming experience. Buy Razer Gold cards online and enjoy hassle-free gaming.

What is a Razer Gold PIN?

The Razer Gold PIN is a numeric code used to recharge your Razer Gold wallets or top up your game credit that supports the Razer Gold service. The Razer Gold PIN will be delivered directly to your email for use.

Are there any restrictions on using them?

Razer Gold PINs purchased from ar-pay.com can be used to:

  1. Reload Razer Gold wallets.
  2. Direct Top Up at participating gaming sites in the Razer Gold Service.