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EVE Online 2 Plex

EVE Online 2 Plex
USD 36.40

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Eve Online 2 Plex Gift Card (60 days)

21,000 years in the future, we have depleted Earth's resources. A cosmic process of colonizing the Milky Way has pitted corporations and alliances against each other. Welcome to Eve Online, an MMORPG like no other...and a thrilling gaming experience you'll remember for life.

From the 4 races with unique features to the wide set of professions and activities you can take up as a player, an Eve Online subscription is an epic gaming gift. Hop on a spaceship, join a crew and start contesting the galaxy's resources and treasures. Hundreds of thousands other gamers like you are already there, waiting for you to join them! Extending your Eve Online subscription happens when you buy PLEX online. But what is PLEX, exactly?

How does the Eve Online 2 PLEX gift card help my gaming?

When you buy Eve Online PLEX, you get extra game time. Our Eve Online PLEX prepaid cards guarantee you 60 more days of Eve Online subscription fun. You're free to spend your gaming time however you wish: you might even buy Eve Online ISK, the precious in-game currency. Reserved for the truest of Eve Online fans, our Eve Online gift card is a wonderful present and a promise for exciting moments!

How do I redeem the Eve Online PLEX gift card?

So you decided to buy PLEX online with Ar-Pay. How do you redeem it? Extending your Eve Online subscription with our Eve Online card is very easy:

•        Log into Eve Online.
•        Search for the Redeem Items section, located at the bottom of your character selection screen.
•        Click on the "UP" arrow. Then, drag your PLEX on a character of your choice.

By successfully claiming your PLEX, you have added 60 days of game time through our Eve Online PLEX gift card. Take to the skies and conquer them!

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