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League Of Legends 3500 Riot Points

League Of Legends 3500 Riot Points
USD 27.00
Regions constraints: 
applicable for North America only

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League of Legends 3500 Riot Points (NA) Prepaid Gift Card

If we're talking about adrenaline-filled games, League of Legends just might be the most appropriate example. With its intense gameplay, colorful visuals and enormous player base, it has claimed the crown of multiplayer online games all over the globe.

What do you say about joining the arena and leading your team to glory? Our League of Legends 3500 Riot Points gift card will prepare you for a journey towards victory. Alternatively, you can use this League of Legends prepaid card as a wonderful present for anyone close to you who loves video games as much as you do. After all, is there a more direct invitation to play some matches than a prepaid card for LoL? 

By purchasing our League of Legends 3500 Riot Points League of Legends prepaid card you can buy RP and stock your LoL account with them. LoL Riot points are the in-game currency you can use to purchase champions or unlock magnificent champion customizations. Providing a total of 3500 LoL Riot points on the North American servers, our League of Legends gift card is a 100% secure way to get that advantage as a LoL player!

How to use my League of Legends Prepaid Gift Card?

This League of Legends 3500 Points prepaid card is extremely easy to use. After your purchase, you simply need to navigate to the "Store" button in-game. Afterwards, your 3500 LoL Riot points will be added to your player account. Matching to your preferences when you want to buy RP, our LoL  gift card is only one of the assortment of League of Legends RP cards we offer you. Take your pick and obtain the League of Legends prepaid card codes that will help you on your way to victory!

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