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Nintendo e-Shop $20 gift card

Nintendo e-Shop $20 gift card
USD 21.00
Regions constraints: 
applicable for US region only

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Get your favorite games with a Nintendo e-Shop $20 Card!

Nintendo $20 gift card will be a reward for anyone who likes fascinating, high-quality digital entertainment. Download more than 1,000 action-packed video games through Nintendo’s eShop directly to Nintendo 3DS and Wii U systems, as well as music and popular TV shows. 
EShop cards make a great gift for your friends,. The eShop is always available on Nintendo consoles and handhelds. With an eShop game card, your gamer can get the content they want. With a Wii gift card, gamers can choose to get a number one game or fun application. In the 3DS eShop, gamers can get a fun new game to play on the go. Gamers always have access to additional game content, new games, and a huge amount of great media. Instead of picking out a random game as a gift, allow them to choose what they want. 

How to top up your Nintendo eShop credit with a Nintendo $20  eShop Card?

1.    Select Nintendo eShop application on your Wii U home screen or 3DS .
2.    In the left side of the screen Select the “Balance”. 
3.    Select “Add funds using a Nintendo eShop Card”
4.    Enter the activation code into the on-screen box

Now your Nintendo $20eGifts credit will be available shortly. Are you ready to move forward? Fulfill your goal and you will be one step closer to receive all the rewards

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