VIP Baloot 960 Chips

VIP Baloot 960 Chips

VIP Baloot 960 Chips

About VIP Baloot 960 Chips

VIP Baloot 960 Chips Cards are the perfect way to elevate your gaming experience. These prepaid gaming cards offer exclusive features and rewards on your preferred gaming platform. Whether you're a fan of PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Steam, or Epic Games, VIP Baloot Cards have got you covered. These cards are widely available at retailers and online, making them a popular choice for gamers in Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan, and Egypt. Simply redeem the unique code on the respective online store and enjoy the benefits of being a VIP gamer.

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How to Redeem

  1. Log in to the Jalsat app.
  2. Click on the ( + ) sign.
  3. Enter the card code that you got from AR-Pay.
  4. Click on Use.