Yalla Ludo USD 300 Diamonds

Yalla Ludo USD 300 Diamonds

Yalla Ludo USD 300 Diamonds

$ 307.18

About Yalla Ludo USD 300 Diamonds

Yalla Ludo Gift Cards, available exclusively at AR-Pay! Whether you're aiming for victory or seeking an exhilarating challenge, these gift cards are your passport to endless fun and excitement. Add a sprinkle of competitiveness to your gaming sessions with Yalla Ludo Gift Cards. Easily top up your gaming account and unlock a world of thrilling matches, exciting tournaments, and surprising rewards. Redeem your card online and dive right into the action!

Choose from a range of Yalla Ludo Gift Card options and unleash your strategic skills in this popular board game. With just a few clicks, you'll gain access to in-game boosts and exclusive features that will give you an edge over your opponents.

Don't miss your chance to become a Ludo master! Get your Yalla Ludo Card from AR-Pay today and embark on an epic gaming journey. Get ready to roll the dice, make your moves, and shout "Yalla!" with exhilaration.

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How to redeem

  1. Go to [ https://www.yallapay.live/ 
  2. Click on Yalla Ludo to recharge
  3. Enter your game ID, then click on Click Ok and Gift Card as a payment method
  4. You must select the denomination that you purchased from Daleel Store among the shown denominations
  5. Choose the recharge amount that matches your gift card’s value, enter the PIN Code, then click on Pay Now
  6. Congrats! The amount will be added automatically to your account. And Enjoy!