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Everybody knows that family and friends are the most important things in our life.…

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Buy Skype $25 prepaid card from and get over 400 minutes! Everybody knows…

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Skype , Entertainment

Everybody knows that family and friends are the most important things in our life.…

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To redeem your Skype card:
  1. Sign in to your Skype account and click "Redeem" button.
  2. Enter your card number and use a code you will find in theemail or atthe back of your physical card.
  3. Click "Redeem card" button, Do not forget to tick the checkbox next to "I agree to the Skype Terms of Service" section.
  4. Enjoy Skype!

Skype Prepaid Card lets you take advantage of the variety of great features which are not available for the ordinarily account. You can use your Skype credit to subscribe to the extra services and reach loved ones at Skype #39;s lowest call rates. Isn#39;t it the right moment to present yourself or the loved ones with some Skype credit? Buy Skype credit gift card and take you calling experience to the new level!

Other activities which you can perform with this credit include calling on ordinarily phones and mobiles, buying a unique online number, obtaining a caller ID , sending text messages and getting a Skype To-Go number.

How to buy Skype credits and what are their benefits?

Skype cards allow you get special Skype credits which get you an access to Skype#39;s features that wouldn't cost a fortune. By calling on mobiles and regular phones worldwide to over 1 million WiFi hotspots you would only have to pay for the time you are online.

How to buy Skype prepaid card and where to use it?

All you need to do is just to choose Skype card with the desired denomination from website. After purchase you will be able to use Skype card to call phones almost everywhere.

With Skype's lowest call rates, there would also be a possibility to send texts, access Skype WiFi, buy subscriptions to get in touch with your family and friends.

Buy Skype gift card on, open extra options and use all Skype benefits!

Skype is a world-known IP telephony service provider with over 700 million users, who live in different countries of the world. Making video calls, instant and video messages, file and images exchange, conference calls etc. are main Skype benefits. It is possible to download Skype to all devices that run Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac, Blackberry, Android, iOS. Most services are provided absolutely for free, but users may choose additional paid options such as calls to mobile and landline phone numbers.

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