User Agreement

This is the User Agreement of the website. Please read this carefully before using this website. By accessing and using © Ar-pay 2020 services, you agree and accept to comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement. If you do not agree to abide by the above and to be bound by this User Agreement, please do not use our services (visit our website, register etc.).

Description of Service

© Ar-pay 2020 company ( is a member of “Al Shoumoukh Group” – one of the largest and most respected business conglomerates in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan. Our mission is to provide secure, quick and safe shopping process in GCC and Arab countries. Currently our company is also a re-seller of popular brands as Dixipay, OneCard, EcoPayz, etc. All prepaid cards that are presented at our website may be used at online shop, E-wallets and more. Gift cards and Vouchers can be purchased from us, can also be used as gift certificates which means that they can be redeemed on corresponding websites to purchase software, E-Wallets, games and lots of other items.

We work with local banks to enable our clients to deposit money directly and safely.

Client’s responsibilities

In order to be eligible for using © Ar-pay 2020 services you must be older than 18 years old. To be able to register and create your account in © Ar-pay 2020 and to make a purchase you would have to provide us with some of your personal information: your name, address, telephone and email address, proof of your identity (for more information please read our Privacy Policy on our website), etc. Registration on our website is the proof that all information that you gave us is true, accurate and up to date (by clicking tick box “I confirm that I have read User Agreement and Privacy Policy and agree with them”). We may use your personal information to contact you, to process payments for our services, to provide you with all necessary information about our products, payment methods, delivery, etc., to conduct customer surveys.

The client has responsibility to comply with all requests made both by © Ar-pay 2020 and our service providers if needed to authenticate his identity or validate the source of funding to his © Ar-pay 2020 account. If the client is not able to provide us with this information, © Ar-pay 2020 has a right to suspend his access to client's account or to close his account.

All prepaid cards, coupons, e-vouchers are not refundable and could be used only once. The client is responsible for his choice - by accepting this User Agreement he acknowledges that he has read the product description carefully and is sure that the electronic goods that he has bought are correct and comparable with his device.


We will not disclose any of the personal information to any third party, unless the client has authorized us to do so or we are legally required to do so. In the same time, we cannot be responsible for third parties’ fraud activities. Also for higher safety we recommend you do not divulge your password to anyone and to sign out of the © Ar-pay 2020 website and close your browser window when you have finished your work. For more information, please read Privacy Policy on our website.

Intellectual Property

All names, trademarks, logos and images displayed on are registered trademarks of © Ar-pay 2020. None of the information that is displayed on our website (design, images, trademarks, button icons, etc.) can be copied, downloaded, reproduced or stored without our written permission. All content (including software) is the exclusive property of © Ar-pay 2020.


© Ar-pay 2020 has a right to change User Agreement, Privacy Policy and product prices at any time or from time to time when it is necessary. These changes will be effective after posting on the website. © Ar-pay 2020 will not warn clients via email or phone about these changings, which means client has to review from time to time and be bound by the changed User Agreement and prices.

Disclaimers and Limitation of Liability

We will try to do our best to process all transactions in the shortest time, but we cannot predict the amount of time needed to complete processing of any transaction or transfer. website can have links to third party websites that are not controlled or maintained by © Ar-pay 2020. This means that we cannot accept any responsibility for the materials or offers featured on such websites.

© Ar-pay 2020 is not responsible for any programming error or technical problems which may be affected by factors outside of our control.


If any dispute or claim arises out of or in connection with this User Agreement the parties should attempt amicably to settle this dispute through negotiations over a period of thirty 30 calendar days commencing on the date that a party first sends to the other party a written notice of the dispute. If this dispute has not been settled amicably by the parties by the end of 30 days-period, the parties hereby agree that the Dispute shall be referred to and finally resolved by higher courts.

Governing law

This User Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of UAE. The courts of UAE have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute arising out of or in connection with this User Agreement.