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World of Warcraft 60 Days prepaid game card (EU)

World of Warcraft 60 Days prepaid game card (EU)
USD 30.00
Regions constraints: 
applicable for Europe only

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World of Warcraft 60 days prepaid game card (EU)

Back in 2004, a revolutionary game reinvented how multiplayer games were meant to be played. 12 years later, World of Warcraft is as strong as ever. With a brand new expansion coming this August, the world's most popular MMORPG game is here to stay. And so are the extremely popular WoW gift cards.

Have you been thinking of adding a close friend of yours to your WoW fantasy journeys? Maybe a member of your family? With the "Legion" expansion just behind the corner, surely now is the right time for a gift in the form of a WoW  voucher. Surprise your closest ones with a prepaid WoW 60 day game card and show them the key to a magical world of game opportunities!

Gifting a WoW prepaid card goes way beyond a simple gesture. It's an invitation to loads of fun, numerous exciting quests and one of the most social games in the world. It's an experience. Of course, you can also use our World of Warcraft gift card as a means to extend your own WoW subscription! Please keep in mind that this WoW is eligible only for the European servers of the MMORPG.

How to use my World of Warcraft (60 days prepaid game card – EU)?

After you have purchased your 100% secure World of Warcraft prepaid card, you simply need to login into the Account Management section of your account. Then:

•        Navigate to Game Time & Subscriptions
•        Click on the Redeeem a Prepaid card option
•        Enter the code you received with your WoW 60 day game card and claim it.

Voila! The newly purchased WoW voucher is now activated and the World of Warcraft  gift card gives you access to 60 days of pure entertainment.

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