The best car racing games on PlayStation

The best car racing games on PlayStation

The world of speed and reckless adventure sports, which has many lovers in the world, and among those games that always seek to stimulate the adrenaline in the players' bodies, are speed games and car racing.

And because there are many players who do not have the appropriate conditions to play this reckless game in reality, they resort to playing it through video game platforms and PlayStation.

To live in a world parallel to theirs, which may be a bit routine, so we will find that the PlayStation platform has taken care of this sport by containing many car games with different styles within it.

For PlayStation players to find the right style for them and walk into the world of adventures they seek, therefore, PlayStation is a leading platform in virtual games, and PlayStation is one of the most famous video game platforms that appeared in the nineties of the last century, and it is still one of the most powerful platforms that it is difficult to compete.

And in the next lines, we will show you the best speed and car racing games that you will find on the PlayStation platform, all you have to do is run them and start creating your own world that cares about speed.

Learn about the most popular car games on PlayStation

Need for Speed: Payback

One of the most famous speed movies recently released is The Fast and the Furious movie series, but what you do not know is that a few years before the release of this movie, the Need for Speed game appeared on computers and then began to appear on PlayStation and Android, and perhaps this game was A great inspiration for filmmakers that they are creating a movie for lovers of speed adventures that through the recklessness of the heroes of the movie in their driving in cars in a world full of crime and gangs, and perhaps also that game became a great inspiration for video game developers Game and PlayStation .. to make similar works on the video platforms Game and PlayStation, but The Need for Speed game remains the source of the first pioneer in this idea and has made many developments in the game over the years, which made it characterized by a lot of strength and leadership.. Therefore, it is one of the best car racing games that you will find on the PlayStation platform.

The Crew 2

The best car racing games on PlayStation 1

If your experience of reckless driving is not only aspiring to drive the fastest cars in America's circuits, but you aspire to impose your control in the air, sea, and land at the same time, that control you will find great in the game The Crew 2.

In the game The Crew, you as a PlayStation player can experience all forms of speed in driving, whether cars, planes, or boats, and race with them as well, but beware, in order to impose your control.

DiRT Rally 2.0

The best car racing games on PlayStation 3

As for lovers of off-road and harsh climate challenges, Dirt Riley was released on the video game platforms and PlayStation in 2015.

2019 released its latest update, and it is considered one of the best car games for lovers of challenging roads in driving. And in this game, we will find realistic roads in many countries such as Argentina, Spain, Australia, and others.

Gran Turismo Sport

The best car racing games on PlayStation 5

As for the best recent versions of the record-breaking series, presented by Polyphony Digital, it is the Gran Turismo Sport game, a favorite of many fans.

Because of its impressive visual effects, and also being one of the best-improved games on PlayStation 4 Pro, it also has a variety of updates that are regularly made, making it the first in this genre, for those who like to drive a car as close to realistic style as possible.

Assetto Corsa

The best car racing games on PlayStation 7

But if you are a PlayStation player, obsessed with the smallest details such as holes in the car tire, and tire damage, then the Asseto Corsa game is the most suitable for you as a PlayStation player who is interested in realism to that degree, and you can consider this game designed for you from the many details you carry.

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