What are first aid and energy drinks in the game PUBG Mobile

What are first aid and energy drinks in the game PUBG Mobile

Since the game PUBG has become one of the most important competition and fighting games of the type of survival, and many people have recently become fond of it all over the world, and due to its uniqueness with a special style of play that is unique from the rest of the games of the same style of fighting and competition, so PUBG has become a game. Filled with many players from all over the world.

So that PUBG is a group video game of the Battle Royale games category, in which the player participates with a group of other players and plays as a team seeking to eliminate enemies and survive until the end and win the round.

Due to the similarity of PUBG to real reality, it is also full of healing tools, first aid, and energy drinks that benefit players when they are exposed to any harm or damage during play. Therefore, players must familiarize themselves with all the first aid available in the PUBG game and how to use them so that they can restore their health while playing in the event of an injury to stay in the game and win.

First aid and healing method in the game PUBG

1- Adrenaline injection

Adrenaline injection is one of the most important healing tools in the PUBG mobile game, because it restores the player his energy again and heals him from the wounds he sustained, so it is recommended that the player possess it during any step he takes in the game, despite its large area.

Adrenaline injection takes up 20 items in the player's bag. But it is very fast in healing the player, it possesses the energy of 100% of the energy of the player, so it treats the patient very quickly, and gives the player the ability to speed.

2- Bandages

Bandages are one of the most common healing tools used in the PUBG Mobile game. It can be used in a lot of places. It cannot be used if the health of the player is above 75. Bandages take up 2 pieces of space in the bag. The bandages can be used while riding, so they only take 4 seconds.

What are first aid and energy drinks in the game PUBG Mobile 1

3- Energy drink

The energy drink is also considered one of the most common tools in the PUBG Mobile game, it gives the player great energy in the event that the player's energy drops as a result of any injury during the game, and this drink is widely spread in PUBG maps, and can be obtained at any time. And it takes up 2 things from the player's bag space. And the player can use it while riding in vehicles. Energy Drink gives the player more than 40% energy.

4- Pain reliever

The pain reliever takes up 10 things in the bag. And gives the player HP up to 40% in no time. It can also be used while riding in vehicles. And it increases the player's energy very quickly, until it reaches 60%. And it only takes 6 seconds to use.

What are first aid and energy drinks in the game PUBG Mobile 3

5- First aid bag

The first aid bag is one of the most practical medical tools in the PUBG Mobile game, just as it is in reality, so it must be available with the player permanently while playing in PUBG. It takes up 10 objects from the player's bag. The player's recovery rate using a first aid kit is 75%. However, a player cannot use it in the event of a critical or serious injury. The first aid kit takes only 6 seconds to use.

6- Ambulance bag

The ambulance bag is also considered one of the most common tools in PUBG Mobile, and it is preferred to be available with the player even though it takes up a large area of the bag, it occupies an area of 20 pieces of the space of the bag. However, it increases the player's health by 100%, regardless of his injury or the severity of the injury. And it takes only 8 seconds to use it in PUBG Mobile.

In conclusion, we advise the player to maintain his health tremendously while playing PUBG and protect it as much as possible, and in the event that he is exposed to any danger or injury while playing, he should use the healing tools that have been mentioned correctly to help him recover, complete the game and achieve victory. In order for you to get all the healing tools you want, you can easily charge PUBG UC from AR Pay, which provides you with prepaid PUBG cards at the best prices in Saudi Arabia and very quickly.

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