Check out our predictions for free PlayStation Plus titles for 2021

Check out our predictions for free PlayStation Plus titles for 2021
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A few days separate us from the beginning of next April of this year 2021, as we used to present a list of expectations about the games that will be offered for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers during each month. Through this article, we will present our expectations for the games that will be provided to PlayStation Plus subscribers for the month of April, whether for PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 owners, after Sony stopped support for PlayStation Plus service on PlayStation 3 and Vita devices before, so that the focus of Sony Fully installed on PlayStation devices of the new generation and the previous generation. And that by providing a wonderful collection of new games and especially for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

PlayStation Plus games for April 2021

After Sony officially announced the availability of the Oddworld Soulstorm game for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers during the month of April, as soon as the game was officially released on the PlayStation Store on April 6. So, Oddworld Soulstorm replaces the Destruction AllStars game, which will be removed from the PlayStation Plus service during the month of April, after it was exclusively available on the PlayStation 5 platform since last February. The story of Oddworld Soulstorm revolves around the protagonist of the game named “Abby”, who discovers the fact that his clan will be completely slaughtered in a factory and used as a source of food, but he manages to escape, to start a revolution to save his country and his clan.

Check out our predictions for free PlayStation Plus titles for 2021 1

On the other hand, according to many of the expectations that have been mentioned by many global sites, many have expected that Sony will provide many new generation games, such as the game Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, which many rumors have about its free availability within one of the services. Monthly, but it was not decided which platform will support the game, whether PlayStation or XBox. The game takes place in a fictional world in the 16th century at the end of the Sengoku stage, after a war general named “Ashina Ashina” made a coup to take over the rule of “Ashina”. However, an orphan child remains in the battle adopted by a soldier and is called “the wolf”, and after many Over the years, no one remained to protect the city from the enemies due to their old age, so the role of the orphan “wolf” in fighting the enemies and saving the city after injuring his hand and replacing it with an industrial hand that gives him many special abilities and skills.

Check out our predictions for free PlayStation Plus titles for 2021 3

There are also other expectations that expect the Nier Automata game to be available among the PlayStation Plus games list for April, especially since the relationship between Sony and the company that publishes Square Enix in the recent period is strong. Given what the publishing company offers, an exclusive set of titles for the new generation PlayStation devices. Therefore, it is expected that Sony will provide one of the addresses of Square Enix within the free titles for the PlayStation Plus service next month. The game revolves around the robot girl 2B, and her mission is to protect humanity from the army of evil robots.

Finally, a number of players are expecting to provide the Resident Evil 7 Biohazard game for free on the PlayStation Plus service for the PlayStation 4 platform, given that the game is already available on the PlayStation Plus list for PlayStation 5. So it would be great to provide the game to PlayStation 4 owners, in order to increase the enthusiasm of the anticipated players. Resident Evil 8 Village is strongly released, which is the sequel to Resident Evil 7 Biohazard.

In the end, we will not wait long until we get the names of the sure titles that will be provided for free on the PlayStation Plus list, which will be officially announced on Wednesday, the 31st of March. The free games will be available for download directly from PlayStation Store on April 4, Tuesday. You can also get all the free games for the PlayStation Plus service by subscribing to the service using PlayStation Plus cards that you can easily obtain online and from anywhere in Saudi Arabia from ar-pay , as ar-pay provides you with all types of PlayStation cards and prepaid cards with the best prices.

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