Details and date of the final PlayStation 5 release in the market

Details and date of the final PlayStation 5 release in the market
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Playstation 5 is a video game platform developed by the Japanese company Sony Interactive Entertainment. And it was announced as a wallpaper for the PlayStation 4 during month of October of last year 2019. It is the fifth video game system to be produced by the Japanese company Sony, after the Play Station 4, PlayStation 3, Play Station 2, and Play Station 1 systems. Knowing that the Play Station 5 will compete with Microsoft’s Xbox Series X.

The first news about the new version of the Play Station came by Mark Cerny, the chief architect. And that was during his interview with Wired magazine in April of last year 2019. He stated that the Japanese company Sony intends to have the PlayStation 5 as the next-generation device. And that it will be released all over the world at the end of 2020. The Play Station 5 specifications were announced, according to some sources, in October of last year, 2019.

While these specifications were fully disclosed by a live broadcast by Cerny over the Internet. It was published by Digital Foundry and Sony Corporation on March 18, 2020. It is expected that the fifth version of the PlayStation devices will come with excellent capabilities that meet all the entertainment needs of the next generation. Note that the latest gaming systems provided by Sony to date are the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. This is because the new PlayStation 5 has not been released yet.

Therefore, many millions of people who are interested in electronic video games play. By following all that is new in the world of games, their platforms, and all new versions of them. Especially the new Play Station 5 presented by Sony. This is because PlayStation devices are among the most enjoyable devices in the world. Which provides a lot of fun and wonderful games that many users wish to own and play their video games. Due to the high quality, competencies, and technologies the PlayStation possesses.
Thus, it is accepted by all age groups. Therefore, Sony is always striving to add a lot of new and modern developments and technologies to its devices. This is to be admired by Playstation users and professional video game practitioners. And gamers enjoy playing games with clear, crisp, and high-resolution pictures.

PlayStation 5 specifications
Sony has officially announced the specifications that the PlayStation 5 will enjoy. This will be on Wednesday, March 17, 2020. It stated that the processor will be an eight-core Zen 2 core at 3.5 GHz. And that the 10.28 CUs 36 graphics processor, TFLOPs, has a clock speed of 2.23GHz. Custom RDNA 2 graphics processor architecture. 16 GB GDDR6 / 256-bit random memory. And memory band 448 GB per second.
The internal storage capacity is 825 GB dedicated SSD. 5.5 GB / s (Typical) 8-9 GB / s (Compressed). And NVMe SSD Slot Expandable Storage. External Storage USB HDD Support. Optical drive 4K UHD Blu-ray Drive.

System software
The new version (Play Station 5) will include a completely new, advanced user interface at CES 2020. So Sony unveiled the official logo for its new platform. So that the new design has the same simple characteristics of the previous Play station consoles and brand

Details and date of the final PlayStation 5 release in the market 1

Play station 5 games

Sony is expected to launch many new games at the beginning of the PlayStation 5 release. This is in order to get the PlayStation 4 and 5 games, as happened on the PlayStation 4.  According to some sources, Godfall of Counterplay Games has become the first game to be announced for the PlayStation 5. Which is supposed to launch upon the release of the PlayStation 5. The confirmed games for the new release are The Lord of the Rings: Gollum and Watch Dogs: Legion, Gods, and Monsters. Plus Rainbow Six Quarantine, Outriders, and Warframe.

In addition to a game from Blue Point Games, whose name has not been announced yet. It is assumed that the new version of the Play Station devices will be compatible with most previous releases such as Play Station 4 and Play Station 4 Pro. Cerny made the remark during his presentation in March of 2020. The top 100 games on the PlayStation 4 will all be playable on the new version (PlayStation 5). He said the company was evaluating all games on a game-by-game basis. This is in order to identify any issue that needs modification by the games’ original developers. The PlayStation 5 should be compatible with PlayStation VR games. Sony Corporation clarified that the development team is working to ensure this compatibility.

The console and additional accessories for the PlayStation 5

The Play Station 5 controller has been announced and is the DualSense Wireless Controller. And on the date of April 7, 2020. So the DualSense controller relies on the Dual Shock controllers. However, modifications are added by interacting with game designers and players. So the DualSense unit includes adaptive stimuli with haptic feedback that can change the player’s resistance as necessary. The DualSense console includes powerful haptic feedback via audio coil players with louder in-game speakers. The DualSense controller keeps most of the same buttons on the DualShock 4 controller.

In addition to providing a new system called a built-in microphone so that players can talk to each other through it. The console has two colors, primarily white with a black front. The light bar has been moved to either side of the touchpad. The device has a USB Type-C port, a higher battery, and a 3.5 mm audio connector.

Additional accessories for the new version of the PlayStation 5 devices were revealed. Among them is the charging dock for the console and a new HD video camera. In addition to some media remote control and Pulse 3D wireless headphone. It was made to take advantage of the 3D sound technology of the PlayStation 5

Details and date of the final PlayStation 5 release in the market 3

PlayStation 5 release date

Sony Corporation is currently planning to release the Play Station 5 at the end of this year 2020. To be available for sale at the end of the year between October and December. It was supposed to be released last April of this year 2020. However, like many important events, the matter was postponed due to the global outbreak of the Corona epidemic.

Play station 5 price
It is expected that the price of the new Play Station 5 version will be close to the price of the previous Play Station 4 version. Because all versions of PlayStation devices are close to each other in price. The Play Station 3 was released at $ 425, and the PlayStation 4 was released at $ 399. Therefore, the Play Station 5 is expected to be released at a price of $ 750

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