Godfall: Find out Review of the exclusive PlayStation 5

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Godfall: Find out Review of the exclusive PlayStation 5
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Godfall is the first game to be announced as a PlayStation 5 exclusive from third party companies, published by Gearbox Publishing and developed by Counterplay Games Studio.

And the game was released for the first time on the PlayStation 5 store on November 19 last year 2020.

And through this article, we will provide a simple review of the exclusive PlayStation 5 “Godfall” and reveal the most important flaws and advantages in it.

Godfall Story

At the outset, it should be noted that Godfall on PlayStation is an action-adventure game, and it comes from a third-person perspective.

As the events and story of the game revolve around the character of the hero named “Orin” in a world of fantasy.

The player has to create his own character and start saving the world before it is completely destroyed.

Well, my dear, from my point of view that the story of the game is not one of the strongest stories and is considered to a large extent superficial and hollow, and the characters in the game are not influential characters.

After completing the game you will not remember any of them, which makes you only interested in progress and continuing to play without attention and focus So much for the game’s story.

Graphics and sound effects on the PlayStation 5

Speaking of the graphic aspect of Godfall on the PlayStation 5 platform, we find that the game was characterized by a high quality level of graphics and amazing images.

As Godfall is characterized by many colors and subtle details in all the things that surround you in the world of Godfall.

The game also offers enthusiastic music and wonderful sound effects, which make you coexist with the battles greatly through the sound of swords when strikes, and other subtle, impressive and interesting details.

In addition to providing calm music in non-spiritual and exploratory situations in the game.

Therefore, Godfall is considered to benefit greatly from the advantages and capabilities of the Sony device for the new generation “PlayStation 5”.

Godfall has also made great use of the advantages of the new “DualSense” wireless controller for the PS5 “DualSense” with the feel and power of the different strokes.


Godfall gameplay on  PlayStation 5

The exclusive PlayStation 5 “Godfall” offers 5 different levels, each of them depends on a specific type of weapon, has its own way and style of fighting.

Shields are also one of the most important tools used in the game, as they are among the outfits that the player chooses.

Each of these shields has its own ability, and in order to get these shields you must search and get more resources while playing.

Godfall on PlayStation also includes a tree to develop your character’s abilities.

Through which the player seeks more abilities and skills, such as the ability to raise the level of strength, gain the advantage of dribbling and more.

Godfall also provides the player with the possibility to restore development points in case he wants to bring back the ability.

However, one of the drawbacks of the game is the lack of a map, which makes the player get lost a lot in the game worlds while playing, because the game world is large.

Especially when looking for a specific place you want to reach, which makes you try hard to remember this place.

One of the most important things that makes the research more complex is the great similarity in the designs of the different worlds in terms of shape.

Which makes the player feel a lot of boredom while playing.

The repetition of missions is also one of the main drawbacks of the Godfall exclusive.

Which makes us believe that the developers of the game did not make an effort to diversify the missions and designs of the different worlds in the game.

In summary, the game presents a beautiful world by offering impressive and wonderful graphics and various options in character designs.

As well as an elaborate combat system despite some technical problems, such as the delay in the character’s reactions.

However, the game can be improved by adding more improvements to come, along with the upcoming PlayStation 4 version and the Fire & Darkness mode expansion.

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