New Amazing DualSense controller features for PS5 games

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New Amazing DualSense controller features for PS5 games
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Since Sony announced the PlayStation 5 for the first time, it has focused mainly on the advantages of the new DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5.

As if only the capabilities of the new hand are what will give the player the great feeling of the PlayStation of the new generation and not the speed of the SSD and the rest of the capabilities of the device.

Even the director of the upcoming PlayStation exclusive “Deathloop” is rich in the possibilities of a new joystick and its effect on new PlayStation games.

As soon as the PlayStation 5 was launched in the market, we witnessed how the new DualSense controller affected the performance of a large number of games.

Especially the new games exclusive to the PlayStation 5, which were specially developed to take advantage of all the advantages and capabilities of the PlayStation 5, especially the DualSense controller.

Therefore, through this article, we will discuss some new games that benefit from the features of the new PlayStation 5 DualSense controller.

DualSense controller features

First: the game Kena Bridge of Spirits

The developer of the game Kena Bridge of Spirits explained that they are taking advantage of all the capabilities of the new DualSense controller in their next game, exclusively on PlayStation 4 and 5.

By applying the resistance when pulling the bow or in heavy attack, it gives the arc resistance to stimuli, which increases with Bending and stretching of arch wood.

Also, by combining it with tactile feedback, it gives the player a realistic feeling when pulling the bow.

Also, with haptics technology, which will make the player feel as if something is moving from his left hand to the right hand when moving something from the left of the screen to the right.

And these advantages certainly will not be felt by the player when using a DualShock controller with the PlayStation 4 version.

New Amazing DualSense controller features for PS5 games 2

Second: Deathloop

As we mentioned, the Deathloop director spoke about the developer team’s exploitation of all the new DualSense hand benefits for the PlayStation 5.

And stated that the new features and advantages of the hand will enhance the player’s immersion in the world and events of the Deathloop game.

And through the Haptics Feedback feature, which will give the player a realistic feeling while playing.

Especially the feeling of the weapon the player carries and his reaction when loading the weapon.

Also, the DualSense hand will automatically disable the R2 and L2 rear buttons in the event that your weapon suffers any damage during the game.

And this will not only prevent you from pulling the trigger of the weapon, but it will also prevent you from pressing the back hand buttons, and this will motivate the player to repair his weapon on The spot.

New Amazing DualSense controller features for PS5 games 4

Third: Horizon Forbidden West (The Biggest PlayStation Exclusive)

Of course, the biggest and most important PlayStation exclusive will not miss the opportunity to take advantage of the advantages and capabilities of the new DualSense controller.

Until the Horizon Forbidden West version is distinguished on the PlayStation 4 and its version on the PlayStation 5 for the new generation.

According to “Mathijs de Jonge” director of the game, the DualSense rear aiming hand buttons will help make the weapons more distinctive and satisfying to the players.

For example, the more the player presses the aiming buttons when using the arrow, the greater the strength and range of the hit.

In addition, thanks to the presence of a haptic feature in the new DualSense controller, the player will be able to feel the surrounding grass in the game world, making him.

For example, able to feel all the surrounding details when following the stealthy approach to the grass.

The resistance of the shoulder buttons will also make the player feel closer to the reality of the weight of each weapon, whether light or heavier.

By pressing with a higher force on the button when waving the weapon and hitting enemies.

In the end, these are the most highly anticipated PlayStation exclusives.

And there are certainly more upcoming PlayStation games that were not mentioned that took advantage of the new DualSense controller features such as Scarlet Nexus and Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart.

And you can get all the upcoming PlayStation games and download them from PlayStation store immediately upon its release.

By purchasing prepaid PlayStation cards from ar-pay at the best prices in Saudi Arabia.

And enjoy the best realistic gaming experience on the PlayStation 5 for the new generation.

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