10 Terrific Features in Guilty Gear Strive on PlayStation

10 Terrific Features in Guilty Gear Strive on PlayStation
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Guilty Gear Strive is the new version of the famous fighting series that was released for the first time on the PlayStation One, which has always targeted a large number of players who love this type of games.

And through the new version of the game for PlayStation devices of the new and previous generation (PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5) The developers of the game.

Arc System Works, proved that they could take the game to new heights.

As we mentioned, the game was developed by the developer team Arc System Works and published by Bandai Namco on both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

In addition to the PC, on June 11 of this year 2021, and it is in the category of fighting, speculation and action games.

Guilty Gear Strive Features (PlayStation Exclusive)

  • Guilty Gear Strive has a large collection of 15 fun characters to play with, including only two new characters, and each character’s designs vary greatly in terms of gameplay.
  • The two new characters are Giovanna and Nagoriyuki.
  • The new PlayStation exclusive “Guilty Gear Strive” graphics are great and distinctive, especially the graphics of the characters, while playing the game or during the cinematic scenes in the game.
  • When comparing the colors in the new part with the previous one, we find that the colors are less saturated and give the graphics a different and wonderful look.
  • Also, the presentation of the game in general is very attractive, whether in terms of menus, messages that come before and after battles, or rock music that gives the game a distinctive character.
  • As for the story phase on PlayStation devices, it is cinematic clips that have been divided into parts and presented in an interesting and attractive way, and these scenes explain the game’s story to players.
  • Especially new game players, and also provide an explanation of the terms in the game and the relationships between the characters and each other.
  • Which helps the player to understand the characters more deeply to choose from, knowing that there is more focus on the two new characters.
  • The internet connection in the game is excellent thanks to the netcode rollback technology but sometimes you will need to try again.
  • The fighting style was easier in terms of understanding the gameplay, and a new was added to the fight, which is the ability to break walls, after hitting the enemy with several successive strikes.
  • But it is also considered an opportunity for the opponent, because it brings both players back to the middle of the game.
  • The fighting system is still unique and distinctive in terms of double jumping in the air or in terms of various methods of blocking.
  • As well as the method of directing successive blows to the opponent or the use of means of escape and many distinctive fighting methods.
  • The game contains several different game modes, the online challenge mode, as well as the competitive mode in front of the device, and the challenge mode against another player.
  • In addition to a mode dedicated to missions aimed at training the way and style of play, and despite this mode lacks a system of successive strikes.
  • However, it remains one of the most important phases that help the player master the exclusive game on PlayStation devices.
  • Finally, there is a free training mode as found in some similar games.
Guilty Gear Strive

Disadvantages of Guilty Gear Strive

  • One of the main flaws in the new Guilty Gear Strive game on PlayStation and PC is the lack of focus on the cascade system of combat, as well as the lack of attention to how to stay in the air.
  • The number of new characters in the new part of the series is very few, and they are only two characters.

Finally, the new version of Guilty Gear Strive for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC has succeeded in achieving its main goal, which is to give beginners a new title that is easy to play.

Along with the continuation of the distinctive multi-layered combat system full of options.

In the end, the game Guilty Gear Strive in general is great in terms of graphics and strong music, which gives you at every moment the feeling that you are watching an animated series.

And if you want to experience the game and live a new and distinctive adventure, you can download the game from the PlayStation Store using PlayStation cards from our site ar-pay at the best prices and discounts in Saudi Arabia.

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