Have you Played God of War? 5 New Missions Are Here

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Have you Played God of War? 5 New Missions Are Here
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In the recent period, the God of War series, which is exclusive to PlayStation devices, has achieved great success.

By presenting a series of high-quality premium releases specifically for PlayStation platform owners.

Starting from the first release of the PlayStation 2 and up to the latest version of the PlayStation 4 device.

All the way to the version that It has been specially upgraded for the new generation of Playstation devices.

After we previously provided the most important secrets that help you master the game God of War.

Through this article we will present several interesting tasks, which we recommend performing in order to fully complete the game God of War and enjoy all its details.

And in the event that you are a God of War fan, you will definitely be waiting for the release of the next part of the series, called Ragnarok.

So this is a good opportunity to return again to God of War and try some new things that you may have missed in the game.

Especially after the game got the upgrade in the version for the PlayStation 5, in terms of graphics resolution and download speed.

1- Explore the Elective Realms

Although you certainly discovered many kingdoms and worlds in the game God of War while playing, some of which were necessary to complete the game’s events and complete the main tasks.

There are some kingdoms that many players can only reach and explore by using the correct coding stone.

So return to the game and try to find cipher stones to help you reach areas that you could not reach before, and which require many hours for the player to reach.

Note that the player will not be able to discover all the kingdoms in the game, which he is expected to be able to access in the coming parts of God of War.

God of War

2- Eliminate all Valkyrie on the map

Once the game is completely finished, the game will automatically update its map, to show you the locations of the Valkyrie, by marking them with a purple icon with small white wings.

We therefore recommend that you fight and eliminate all Valkyries on the map.

3- Finish all side missions that you didn’t realize in God of War

Certainly, completing the side quests that you could not complete in the past will help you learn many details and traditions of Midgard and the other characters in the game.

Also, your completion of all side missions greatly improves your performance in combat, especially in eliminating the most ferocious enemies.

Therefore, completing side missions is an excellent opportunity to raise your gaming experience and performance and completely complete God of War.

4- Try the New Game Plus mode

New Game Plus mode will give you a complete replay of the game story while keeping all your weapons, skills, upgrades, etc., after completing the game completely.

So this mode will give you the ability to completely recreate the gameplay again and search for all the things that you have missed in the past.

Along with unlocking all the missions and challenges that used to require high abilities.

In the end, the game God of War provided a distinctive and new gaming experience throughout the game’s releases.

Especially the version for the PlayStation 4 and the improved version for the PlayStation 5.

So the end of the story indicates that there are more fun and exciting events in the life of the hero and his son in the next part.

So going back to the game in the meantime and re-trying the gameplay again is an excellent way to prepare for the next release.

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