Returnal PS5: Important tips you should know before playing

Returnal PS5: Important tips you should know before playing
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After the release of the Returnal game on PlayStation 5 at the end of April 2021.

The enthusiasm of many players and PlayStation 5 owners to try it and enjoy the new fighting style that takes advantage of everything new in the PlayStation 5 platform and experience the different world of Returnal and the new environments in it.

Through this article, we will provide some important tips that give the player a unique and distinctive experience of playing the new Returnal game on PlayStation 5.

Although at first glance the game looks familiar in terms of gameplay and action that depends on the third-person perspective, it is full of differences due to its reliance on the method of starting from scratch every time the heroine dies.

This is what distinguishes the new PlayStation 5 exclusivity “Returnal” from other similar games, such as Control or Hades.

The most important tips for playing the PlayStation 5 exclusive “Returnal”

First: Never stop moving in Returnal

Standing still in the game Returnal is a wrong choice and exposes you to many dangers during the game, given the possibility that you will be killed by the enemies by a large percentage, by trapping you and eliminating you easily.

Therefore, we advise you to keep moving while playing to avoid hazards and missiles.

In addition, your use of this trick forces your enemies to change their plans so that they can harm you, which gives you the ability to exploit some of the weaknesses and loopholes that you may see in the enemy.

Second: Use the scope of your weapon while aiming

Although the use of weapon scope when aiming at enemies may slow your movement and give you a narrower field of view and make you unable to see some of the incoming projectiles towards you.

Which may expose you to some risks, which prompts you to prefer not to use weapon scope and enjoy the quick movement of maneuvering and avoiding missiles.

However, your use of weapon scope when aiming at enemies has important advantages, as it makes you able to see the weaknesses of your enemies, and makes you able to directly target these areas and eliminate the enemy easily.

Which saves you a lot of time and effort as well as ammunition.

Third: Do not constantly exchange your weapons

It is possible that you have been accustomed in many games similar to the game Returnal to give up any old weapon you own in case you find a new weapon with higher efficiency.

But this is not considered good often in the game Returnal, and this is due to the importance of each weapon within the game,

And that each weapon has a number of advantages and characteristics that distinguish it from other weapons.

Therefore, relying on a specific weapon with specific characteristics and advantages is preferable to using only a weapon with higher efficiency.

Therefore, we advise you not to resort to changing your weapon unless it is unable to eliminate your enemies.

Returnal PS5: Important tips you should know before playing 1

Fourth: Use the ability to rush towards risks

One of the best abilities that you can use when starting in the game Returnal is rushing to dangers to inflict damage on enemies, and this ability gives you a great benefit by rushing towards the incoming shells towards you without causing harm to you.

As your constant use of the rush to risk feature makes you immune from harm that may happen to you, which can help you in many times.

Fifth: Use your hand strike

Over time, in Returnal, you’ll be able to use powerful hand strikes that can deal a lot of damage to enemies.

Therefore, we advise you not to neglect hand strikes and use them alongside weapons and use them in your own fighting style.

There are some monsters that you can kill using only hand strikes, if their energy and health are low. Note that the higher your adrenaline level will make your hand strike more powerful.

Sixth: Move towards new areas and environments

Of course, when you advance in the game Returnal and unlock a new environment, your death at the beginning of the stage and re-experiencing the gameplay from the beginning will be a bit boring.

So in the event that you die while gaming, running away and going directly to new environments will be faster every time you restart the experience from the start.

Returnal PS5: Important tips you should know before playing 4

Seventh: Watch Returnal’s map constantly

Certainly, the miniature map is one of the most important tools that you have in the game Returnal, because it performs a continuous and comprehensive scanning process for all the areas surrounding you.

And shows your points of interest and interaction with the environment, as well as shows you the locations of enemies and monsters before you meet them so that you are always ready to confront them and eliminate them .

Eighth: Destroy all green eggs and purple weeds in Returnal’s world

While you are touring the game Returnal, you will encounter a lot of green eggs and purple weeds, especially in the first and fourth environments.

So we recommend that you cut and destroy all these eggs and weeds, because they may give you some developments and parasites that you may need during the game.

Ninth: resort to the method of escape

Certainly, Returnal is one of the challenging action games that increases in difficulty with the progress in playing, by facing many new monsters that have powerful and complex attack methods that may not be able to eliminate them at times.

So we recommend that you run when you are able to, except for Some encounters that you cannot escape from before defeating the enemies.

In the end, we have provided some tips to help you get a unique gaming experience in the new PlayStation 5 exclusivity “Returnal”, and if you want to have the Returnal game on your PlayStation 5.

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