Learn about the God of War game update on the PlayStation 5

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Learn about the God of War game update on the PlayStation 5
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After Sony came in cooperation with Sony Santa Monica studio, announcing the launch of a new update to support God of War on the PlayStation 5. The American developer of the game confirmed that an update for the action and adventure game God of War would be provided for the PlayStation 5 on February 2.

The game’s developer studio came to explain the provision of two modes for the game’s performance on the PlayStation 4 Pro version, while the new update is limited to only one mode that offers better performance and higher resolution on the PlayStation 5.

As mentioned, the game God of War was developed by Sony Santa Monica and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is a type of action and adventure games, and it was released exclusively for PlayStation 4, Playstation 4 Pro and PlayStation 5. Its events revolve around the game’s protagonist called Kratos is accompanied in this part by his son Atreus.

Learn about the God of War game update on the PlayStation 5 1

Advantages of the new performance of God of War game on PlayStation 5

1- The game works in 4k fake Checkerboard – 2160p.
2- Working at 60 frames per second.

Knowing that PlayStation 5 players have the freedom to return to the PlayStation 4 performance mode in God of War at any time they want, by choosing the Original Performance Experience from within the game settings, which will provide a 4k gaming experience at a rate of 30 frames per second. Note that God of War is available on the PlayStation 4 at the moment.

Learn about the God of War game update on the PlayStation 5 3

Exclusive God of War game features for PlayStation

• One of the most important advantages of God of War is its wonderful graphics that are full of rich details in the game’s characters and the world around them, in addition to more visual effects such as fire, fog, smoke, and the characters ’footprints on the snow, and the accuracy of the drawings of surfaces, objects, weapons, equipment, and other things.

• The game is also distinguished in terms of artistic aspects by presenting fictional and varied worlds based on Scandinavian mythology, as well as the presence of epic music backgrounds, in addition to wonderful sound effects that make you feel every hit, and also the cinematic direction was impressive in terms of storytelling style, enthusiastic scenes and smoothness Camera movement in transition between scenes.

• The story revolves around the character of Kratos, who became bearded, moved to Scandinavia, got married and had a son, to accompany his son on his journey to the highest mountain peak to scatter the ashes of his recently deceased wife, and this trek in a world full of Scandinavian myths, where they encounter many enemies. The game’s story is fun and exciting and always pushes you to keep playing and progressing.

• The last part of the game is full of exploration compared to the previous parts, so that the big game world contains many complex and complex secrets. So that the map does not reveal to you only the areas that you have discovered, and you will face many obstacles that will need to be overcome, and many secrets, you will need to solve some puzzles and observe high accuracy.

• And God of War also contains PlayStation 4 options that determine the difficulty of the game, and you can switch between them at any time. It includes options to stop the compass and arrows pointing in the direction of the source of the strikes, as well as changing the buttons used to move, fight and interact with the game world.

Learn about the God of War game update on the PlayStation 5 7

In the end, the final part of the God of War game for PlayStation devices is better and more profound than the previous parts, by presenting a mythical world richer in the story, events and details during play, and providing a stronger and heavier combat style, and cinematic scenes full of violence, anger and enthusiasm, in the midst of the game’s conservatism For the accuracy of its distinctive and unique graphics compared to other action and adventure games, as well as a great success in filmmaking and providing epic music suitable for the events of the interesting story.

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