The gameplay of an upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive “Abandoned”

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The gameplay of an upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive “Abandoned”
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After the Playstation blog suddenly announced the release of a new game called “Abandoned” exclusively on the Playstation 5 at the end of this year 2021.

And according to what was revealed through the official page of Abandoned developer Blue Box on Twitter.

It was announced Some details of the upcoming game “Abandoned” in terms of game story and gameplay.

About the upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive “Abandoned”

To start with, Abandoned is a first-person shooter and action game, and the open world features many realistic details.

The story of the upcoming game Abandoned on the PlayStation 5 revolves around the game’s protagonist named “Jason Longfield” who finds himself alone in a forest he does not know how he got there.

What is the purpose of his presence in this place and how he can survive.

Then the hero of the game discovers that he has been kidnapped and brought to this place and that he must survive and escape from this cruel world.

The game’s developing team announced that it was interested in creating a unique and highly personal gaming experience, which made any event within the game primarily affect the character of the hero.

For example, if the hero’s breathing is affected by running or fear, you will notice that his aiming accuracy will not be at its best.


How does the developer team work on Abandoned?

According to the statements of the developer team for the game Abandoned (the upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive).

The team members confirmed that they are working on preparing a cinematic first-person gameplay experience.

And that Abandoned is not just an action and shooter game like other similar video games, it does not depend only on Running and shooting style only.

The developer team also confirmed that the Abandoned game requires a lot of focus and planning while playing.

And that it needs the player to do a lot of tests and think carefully before making any decision and before firing any shot.

The game developers added that they want the player to live the experience in constant tension, until he realizes that making any incorrect move will cost him his life sometimes.

The impact of the new PlayStation 5 controller “Dualsense” on the Abandoned Experience

The game developers also assured that they exploit the capabilities and advantages of the new controller for the PlayStation 5 “Dualsense” to provide a unique and distinctive gaming experience in the world of Abandoned.

For example, the player will be able to feel realistically about the weapon he is carrying, in terms of bullets, reloading of the weapon and pressing the trigger.

As well as many other details in the Abandoned game that the player will be able to feel thanks to the new Dualsense controller for the Playstation device 5.

Abandoned exploitation of the capabilities of the PlayStation 5

Certainly, the fact that Abandoned is one of the exclusives of the PlayStation 5 platform for the new generation, will make it take advantage of all the capabilities and advantages of the device.

The game developer team came talking about this matter, explaining that they are still in the stage of exploring the capabilities of the PlayStation 5.

And that they are working to take advantage of the device’s advantages as much as possible.

And the development team added that they are trying to make the details of the Abandoned world very realistic and match the truth to the maximum extent.

By providing realistic graphics, making the movement of the character greatly smooth, and reducing the loading times as much as possible.

The features and capabilities of the new PlayStation 5 make us able to capture scenes from the game in high-quality 4K resolution, and at a speed of 60 frames per second.

Finally, the official PlayStation Blog has announced the date of the upcoming Abandoned game, exclusively on the PlayStation 5 platform, which will be released at the end of this year 2021.

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