Resident Evil Village’s upcoming PlayStation 5 space reveal

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Resident Evil Village’s upcoming PlayStation 5 space reveal
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After the Japanese company, Capcom, revealed the date of the official launch of the Resident Evil Village game, on May 7, 2021, on the new generation Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox and PC.

So that the Japanese company has changed its previous opinion and decided to release the eighth part of the Resident Evil Village series on the new generation platforms for PlayStation and Xbox, confirming the rumors that have spread in the recent period.

In addition, the Japanese company Capcom has released an exclusive Demo version for PlayStation 5 owners named Maiden, which you can get at the moment through the PlayStation Store.

The company also clarified that this version does not provide anything specific to the story of the game.

While it only provides a visual demonstration about exploring a small part of Dimitrescu Castle in addition to presenting a short part of the game’s story and solving some puzzles.

Resident Evil Village’s New Updates

Resident Evil Village

So that many players are eagerly anticipating the launch of the game during the month of May to enter the horror and excitement adventures that the Resident Evil Village game is full of, especially the interview of Ms.Dimitrescu.

Who became the talk of the world overnight and topped many of its pictures on social media, the spotlight was stolen. From many of the game’s main protagonists.

Where the director stated that since the beginning of planning the game, they wanted to present models of vampires that differed from those traditional images known to all and more terrifyingly.

And the director stated that he was inspired by Lady Dimitrescu’s model from three character.

The first is a real woman from the noble class but she was a killer The second is from Japanese internet legend Hasshakusama, and the third is Morticia Addams from Addams Family.

The director explained that the game will not be limited to the role of the character of Lady Dimitrescu.

And that its occupant in the palace is only part of the game, and that the Resident Evil Village game is full of others that give the player an exciting and huge playing experience more than the previous parts of the series.

So that the company made it clear that this part will provide much more hours than the previous part.

So that the game producer, Peter Vabiano, explained through a statement in the PlayStation magazine that the developers of the game have started planning for the new part since the end of the previous part directly.

And that this part is a continuation of the part Seventh.

Resident Evil Village

And the game producer continued by explaining that the gameplay in the new part of the Resident Evil Village game was largely inspired by the fourth part of the series.

With the addition of many surprises that will make you constantly explore and work on puzzles, which helped the game developers reach an end to the game that makes it From their point of view it is the best survival horror games.

Where the game director confirmed that what we have seen from the game offers up to the present time does not fully reflect the nature of the game’s content.

But rather a small part of what the game hides from horrific signs of horror, and that he is waiting for the game to reach the player when it is officially launched, and he promises us to live an adventure full of horror and suspense Violence and tension.

As for the space of the Resident Evil Village game on the PlayStation 5, the PlayStation has stated.

According to the official Playstation account on Twitter, that the space required to install the Resident Evil Village game on the PlayStation 5 is 27.3 GB, which means that it is less than space.

The game is on Xbox consoles, and this matter is only for the game’s story phase, and the space for online multiplayer mode has not yet been announced on the PlayStation 5 platform.

The date of the preloading of the game has been officially announced, which is from May 5, 2021, just two days before the scheduled launch date of the game, which is May 7, 2021.

Finally, you can simply download the Resident Evil Village game on your Playstation as soon as it is available on the PlayStation Store, by purchasing PlayStation cards online from ar-pay at the cheapest prices in Saudi Arabia.

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