Little Nightmares II: Review the horror and mystery game

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Little Nightmares II: Review the horror and mystery game
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During the year 2017, the first part of the puzzle game full of dark atmosphere was launched, Little Nightmares, which is developed by Tarsier Studios. Little Nightmares game provided us with a new and different experience, by introducing a new and strange world in terms of the dark atmosphere in the game and the unusual game designs in the world of games, to be a charming, distinctive, and significantly different experience from other video games.

The game Little Nightmares is from the category of puzzle games, which provides an enigmatic story full of mystery, and four years after the launch of the first part, the second part of the game Little Nightmares II was launched, to complete the events of the game, while providing an improved and stronger playing experience from the first part.

The story of the second part of the game Little Nightmares II carries a new hero for us named Mono, and this hero puts a paper bag on his head, and the player can change this cover while playing.

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Little Nightmares II game story

The events of the second part, Little Nightmares II, begin after Mono wakes up, to find himself inside one of the strange houses in a mysterious world, and while he is wandering around this house he encounters a little girl trapped in a cage, and he takes her out of the cage and releases her, but he does not know who this girl is. The adventures of the child Mono begin with the company of the little girl to escape from this wondrous house, and to escape from the hunter who is chasing them to eliminate them, and during their journey to escape, we will get to know the idea of the strange and mysterious world that surrounds them.

In the end, the basic idea of the game in the second part coincides with the basic idea of the first part, which is to solve puzzles and jump between platforms to get out of those rooms and reach the new stages. Even what distinguishes the new part, Little Nightmares II, is the addition of team play or cooperative play to the style of play, through cooperation in solving puzzles between the character of the hero Mono and the little girl accompanying him.

Since the hero of the new part of the game is a boy, he is considered more powerful than the heroine of the previous part, “Six”, and has many abilities and skills that require greater physical strength, such as carrying heavy objects or breaking closed doors when needed, and others.

Little Nightmares II: Review the horror and mystery game 3

Little Nightmares II game pros

  • The dark and mysterious atmosphere of the game from the beginning of the story to its end is amazing and highly controlled, which makes the player feel nervous and await every movement or sound while playing.
  • As we mentioned, one of the most important advantages of the new part is the addition of a new hero with more skills and abilities compared to the heroine of the first part, which has brought about significant development and improvement in the performance and style of play, so the attack on opponents has become better and stronger, and the addition of new details of the capabilities that the hero can Carry out.
  • And also the addition of cooperative play in solving puzzles and removing the prevailing mystery while playing, was one of the advantages of the new part, Little Nightmares II, through the cooperation of the hero with his companion and gaining confidence between them as the game progresses.
  • The game is still characterized by a great diversity of enemies, in addition to the diversity of environments, designs and strange atmospheres, as the new part Little Nightmares II came complete in terms of sound effects and elaborate music backgrounds, which connect the player with the game world, and give him a distinct and exciting playing experience.

Downsides to Little Nightmares II

  • One of the downsides of Part 2 is the limited movement of the camera at times.
  • The AI of the girl accompanying the hero is not at the best level.

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