Scenes of the famous PlayStation exclusives “The Last of Us 1”

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Scenes of the famous PlayStation exclusives “The Last of Us 1”
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Although 8 years have passed since the release of the first part of the famous game The Last of Us on the PlayStation, which was first released as a PlayStation exclusive in June of 2013.

There are some scenes that are still engraved in our memory from The first part The Last of Us 1, which made us adore the story and relate to it and live with it our best memories.

Therefore, through this article, we will remember some of these timeless moments and scenes that we lived in the past.

First: The scene of the epidemic spreading in the world of The Last of Us game on the PlayStation and killing Sarah

The beginning of the story was very strong, in a way that made us relate to the characters very, and live with the events as if the story was real.

This is one of the things that the developers of the game Naughty Dog have mastered in The Last of Us 1 exclusive to PlayStation.

Since the beginning of The Last of Us, we have been introduced to the outbreak of the epidemic and a lot of chaos in the city, until Jules, accompanied by his daughter Sarah and his brother Sam, ran away, until they met the police, who became even more ruthless.

Where the police brutally attacked and eliminated all the living residents, until one of the policemen shot Sarah to death in her father’s arms in a very touching dramatic scene, showing the extent of the father’s brokenness after the death of his daughter Sarah.

Second: The scene of Eli meeting the giraffes for the first time

After Sarah’s death at the beginning of The Last of Us (PlayStation Exclusive), the world of Jules has become very dark, but Ellie is one of the most important things that makes up for the loss of his daughter.

However, throughout the events of the game, Ellie was trying to enjoy all the things and details that surround her in the world, and she was playing and having fun as if she was bidding farewell to this world by enjoying any moment before her death.

As if she was feeling that she would die in the end, because she considered the hope of humanity’s survival and that she carried the cure, so she had to become the victim.

Therefore, the scene of Eli meeting with the giraffes and her happiness with them, was the return of hope again for the possibility of life returning to this world again.

As this scene provided the player with a sense of hope that everything is over and that normal life has returned again in The Last of Us 1 (PlayStation exclusive).

The Last of Us

Third: The scene of Jules saving Ellie, the heroine of The Last of Us

Of course, after Jules lost his daughter Sarah at the beginning of The Last of Us, it was hard for him to relive the same tragedy again after losing Ellie.

After learning that doctors were intending to use her as a guinea pig in an attempt to extract a cure for the worldwide pandemic without a guarantee of results.

There is no guarantee that Elie will survive this process. So when Jules learns that their intentions could lead to Ellie’s life, he sprints to rescue her in a breathtaking scene with every step they take.

Fourth: The scene of the heroine of The Last of Us being bitten by the clickers

In the additional content of The Last of Us 1, we watched Ellie and her friend Riley’s journey inside the mall, where they lived some fun moments and played together in a nice and funny scene that broke the darkness of the world around them.

Made them play and have fun until the dramatic moment came when the clicker monsters managed to get out of the Nile From the two children, to be bitten together, as Ellie bids farewell to her friend, who had been playing with her moments ago before turning into clickers in a cruel and tragic scene.

However, Ellie discovers that she is somehow immune to infection with this virus and that she is not, like other humans, transmissible.

The Last of Us

Fifth: The argument scene between Jules and Ellie in The Last of Us 1 PlayStation exclusive

After the duo of The Last of Us reached the area where Jules’ brother, Tommy, is located. Jules thinks it’s best if Ellie stays with his brother until he finds the Firefly.

Which caused a verbal altercation between Jules and Ellie in a scene full of feelings and emotions between the two.

This argument showed the strong bond that developed between Jules and Ellie, and neither of them wanted to lose the other.

Finally, these were the most important moments and scenes that we lived in the first part of The Last of Us, which we cannot forget, as we have often forgotten that we are in front of a video game only.

Given that we live with the events of the game and its story as if it were a movie cinematically.

Of course, The Last of Us 1 includes many other touching scenes, as The Last of Us is filled with many exciting and amazing moments that are unforgettable.

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