The exclusive games expected for the new version PlayStation 5

The exclusive games expected for the new version PlayStation 5
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At the moment, we are expecting the new generation of Sony Playstation 5 to be released to the market. Which will become a huge technological revolution in the world of new-generation devices. Through this article, we will show you some games that may be associated with the PlayStation 5. This is based on some expectations about the headlines that may be associated with the device’s release. According to a lot of rumors that came explaining owning the new version on a large number of exclusive games.

Noting that these games are not certain they are all available on the device upon its release. However, he is expected to have a large number of them. This gives the PlayStation 5 a huge amount of control upon launch. To score a remarkable advantage over the new Microsoft competitor, the Xbox Series X. Microsoft announced the name of the first game that will be available for the upcoming Xbox Series X, known as Halo Infinite, during E3 2019.

Sony has not announced any games for the PlayStation 5. However, we will display some exclusive games expected to be available with the device upon its release

The exclusive games expected for the PlayStation 5

God of War 2 game

After completing the second part, which was available with the previous version, the PlayStation 4, the game achieved great success. And that by restructuring the game in terms of gameplay. This development was a big risk for the game’s developer team. This opened the way for more new releases to confirm the release of a new version to coincide with the release of the PlayStation 5.

The days gone 2 game

Sony Bend developer studio has yet to finish the days gone game. Which he seeks to develop by adding new updates and more difficult challenges. In addition to resolving some problems that were detected in the previous version of the game on the PlayStation 4. This makes us expect a new version of the game to be released on the PlayStation 5 platform. Is the game’s strong sales in the European and American markets. And this is despite the moderate reviews recorded by the game, which supports expectations of a new version.

Gran Turismo game

It is one of the most famous and oldest series of games that Sony has owned since the original Play Station release. Which is still making more profits since previous releases. So that the game’s developer studio confirmed the continuation of work on preparing the new version of the game at the present time. Although the previous version is available on Play Station 4, which did not achieve high levels of success.
However, the developer team took advantage of this version to lay the foundations for the next new version

The exclusive games expected for the new version PlayStation 5 2

Horizon zero dawn 2 game

The first release of the game on the PlayStation 4 was an important and different step. The game was Sony’s first project of this size.
So the company has entered a new range of exclusivity. So we expect the company to develop a new segment based on the strong sales generated by the game.

The Killzone game

The Killzone series has been absent for a while since the release of the first version, which was released on the PlayStation Vita, many years ago. And that was until the basic version came with the release of the Play Station 4.
Thus, the idea of a new version of the game was proposed with the PlayStation 5.

Marvel Spider-Man 2

Marvel Spider-Man is definitely among the list of exclusive games to accompany the PlayStation 5. The previous version of the game was a wonderful and different surprise from the Insomniac Games studio. Which has become included under Sony officially, so it is expected that a new version of the game will be released

The exclusive games expected for the new version PlayStation 5 4

Uncharted game

If the fourth edition of the game had put an end to the adventures of Nathan Drake, that would have continued until more parts. However, Naughty Dog Studio decided to end the main protagonist in the game in this part. However, we noticed the possibility of living and continuing the game without the presence of the hero. And that is what we will see in the new part of the game that has been abandoned by Naughty Dog Studio. However, we expect more new versions to be released by a sub-development team.

PlayStation 4 games

Of course, there was a large library of games available on the PlayStation 4 platform, prior to the release of the PlayStation 5. This pushes the company to exploit the compatibility feature with the Play Station 4 device through the upcoming PlayStation 5 release.
A large number of games were transferred to the new platform and presented in an advanced and sophisticated manner in terms of graphics and images. Thus, the opportunity is available for players to obtain a large library of exciting and exciting games

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