UFC 4 review and is it different from its previous version?

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UFC 4 review and is it different from its previous version?
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At the same time every year a new version of the UFC 4 game that fans have been waiting for from year to year is released.

However, it is precisely like other sports that EA insists on releasing a new version every year.

Although it does not add strong changes except for some minor improvements.

Despite this, players continue to buy new titles every year even though they know it won’t offer anything new.

We will review the new version of the game and learn about the modifications that have been added

Career Mode in UFC 4

The career mode was among the things EA promised it would improve and develop.

And this is despite the fact that he is one of the best in the game, due to his great attention to realism and fine details.

In addition to his attention to detail in the player’s career from the beginning to becoming a legend in the game.

This pattern is characterized by a special relationship between the player and the captain who is more interested in teaching and directing him than the coach.

However, this situation soon disappears and the usual career mode of play is repeated.

So that it was better to continue these shots for a longer time until the player feels more interest and excitement.

Even so, career mode is one of the bests of UFC 4.

Starting with the Hype by which the player is promoting himself.

Or strengthening his relationship with other players or publishing his own posters.

In addition to the possibility of contracting with a sponsor who uploads the player Hype.

And increase the publicity, promotion, and enthusiasm of people for his matches, as happens in real-life matches.

In addition, a new feature allows the player to invite another player to train with him and learn new methods that help him develop himself.

As well as developing a plan before starting a new match by knowing and studying the opponent and knowing his style and way of fighting by seeing him play.

In general, the Career mode is very good, although there is nothing to distinguish it from the previous version of the game.

Therefore, there is nothing to distinguish UFC 4 from the previous version in a way that makes it a strong leap in the series

UFC 4 review and is it different from its previous version? 1

The way of playing UFC 4

When it comes to gameplay, we can start with the Tutorials, which are somewhat oddly designed.

It made us expect that EA is not seeking to attract new players to it and that it is content with only existing players who have followed the game before.

And that by neglecting to list and display detailed and accurate gameplay instructions and information.

And its relies many times on your understanding of the gameplay on the basis that you are an expert player in the game before.

With regard to the movements in play, or what is called Combos, there is one positive and one negative thing.

The positive thing is that there is a wide variety of Combos that you can use while playing.

Many types and names of hits and kicks for every body part.

The bad thing is that this variety of combos can seriously hinder the player.

Due to the large number of them and the difficulty of memorizing or mastering them accurately for use and movement between them.

Therefore, the player may be restricted to only a few moves that he can memorize and use which adds monotony and boredom to the game.

This is due to the difficulty and complexity of the game controls.

This confirms the company’s interest in existing players only and the lack of interest in attracting new players to the game.

On the other hand, the gladiator’s response to commands is delayed, especially when giving more than one command or movement.

The player executes orders slowly or does not execute the last command.

The problem of slowness and delay in the response of commands in a game that depends on the appropriate timing for blocking or hitting is a big problem.

Note that the situation gets worse when you switch to online mode.

Although the game gave the player freedom to choose the type of wrestler he prefers to play in terms of many.

However, there is no distinction or individuality between every wrestler and others.

As all of them are similar in their playing style and movements, and there is no difference between each one and the others

UFC 4 review and is it different from its previous version? 4

Graphic and sound

The graphics and graphics in the new version of the game were significantly worse but worse than the previous version.

Due to the strong fluctuation in movements during the non-smooth and inflexible striking.

Note that there are some excellent and realistic drawings regarding the anatomy of the body while hitting or kicking.

Generally speaking, the graphics and graphics in UFC 4 are not exclusive to current-generation games.

With regard to the voice and the interaction of the fans, it was wonderful in terms of the cheering sounds to continue the matches.

The general atmosphere was very enthusiastic and gave the player the desired feeling.

The sound effects of the players upon receiving the punches were not strong and somewhat convincing.

In the end, the game in its new version did not provide anything distinctive and different from its previous version.

The game continues to repeat itself every year with no interest in adding any substantial improvements and modifications to the content.

Of course, the new version of the game contains great changes.

But it does not compare with its shortcomings and the perceived problems present in it

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