Which is the strongest “PlayStation 5” or “Xbox Series X”?

Which is the strongest “PlayStation 5” or “Xbox Series X”?
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Both Microsoft and Sony have revealed details of their new releases for this year. PlayStation 5 for Sony, and Xbox Series X for Microsoft.
As both devices lead the market in the holiday season for the current year 2020.

Through this article, we will present the most important differences and differences between the two platforms. And that is through focusing on the external design of the devices along with the technical specifications and commercial strategies of each of them

The difference between PlayStation 5 processor and Xbox Series X

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is slightly ahead of Sony’s PlayStation 5 in terms of processor power. Although this difference may not clearly affect the gaming experience. However, the processor of the new Xbox Series X called the “CPU”, is able to work at speeds of up to 3.8 GHz.
This is compared to the PlayStation 5, which reaches a speed of only 3.5 GHz. Note that these numbers are not important and that they are only numbers. As there is no difference in the performance of both devices when trying to play.

Graphics and photos

The Microsoft Xbox Series X also comes out ahead of the Sony PlayStation 5 in terms of graphics and graphics. So that the Xbox x has one slight advantage over the PlayStation 5. It has graphics and image processing units that are more powerful than the PlayStation 5, which are called GPUs. These units are responsible for displaying the images, graphics, and graphics inside the games. The higher the graphics processing unit in the device, the stronger and better it displays games.

With regard to computing speed for both devices. Microsoft has 1.7 teraflops more than Sony. To be thus superior to the GPUs and graphics in the PlayStation 5. The PlayStation 5 has some differences in the GPU configuration. This makes the PlayStation 5’s graphics and graphics performance better than Xbox X’s. While it will show the difference in the actual gaming experience when watching different games.

Which is the strongest "PlayStation 5" or "Xbox Series X"? 1

Storage space

The Xbox X outperforms the PlayStation 5 in its internal storage space. So that the Xbox X has an internal space of 1 TB compared to the Playstation 5 which has 825 GB. The device’s storage space is an important matter that may affect the device’s features. However, manufacturers and developers for the platforms rely on competitive cloud games such as Play Station Now and Project xCloud.
As gamers rely on cloud games, storage space becomes less important.

On the other hand, Sony’s Play Station 5 has one advantage over the Xbox Series X. Namely, it is capable of pushing data at a speed of 5.5 Gbps. This is compared to a Microsoft device that works at 2.4 gigabytes per second. This means that it takes less time to download and is faster than the Xbox.

Similar specifications

Other specifications between the two devices are similar, as they each have 16GB of storage memory. Plus, the two devices support 4k and 8k games.

With regard to the latest distinctive technologies, both companies have worked on the integration of ray tracing technology. This technology is responsible for making the light and shadow in games look better.

In addition, both devices provide 3D sound, giving the user an immersive and enjoyable sound experience. The two devices support games with a resolution of 8k. Knowing that many people nowadays do not have 8k screens. Thus, the developers do not produce games that comply with this system. However, Microsoft and Sony have made new generation devices that support this system. In order to comply with future development plans.

Which is the strongest "PlayStation 5" or "Xbox Series X"? 3

Available games

When it comes to the part of the games available on both devices, it is the most important aspect for users. So what’s the point of having an excellent console but it doesn’t contain games worth playing. The PlayStation 5 provides you with many famous and distinctive games, including Dying Light 2, Rainbow Six: Quarantine, and many other fun games that are worth trying. As for the Xbox One, it is expected to provide fewer games than the PlayStation 5 games. Which makes the PlayStation 5 superior to the Xbox X in the number of games available.

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