Be a pro: learn the secret areas to hide in in PUBG MOBILE

Be a pro: learn the secret areas to hide in in PUBG MOBILE
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It is known that the game of PUBG from a category of battle royale games, fighting and war for survival, and in order to be able to obtain the title of the professional in the game of PUBG and stay alive until the end, no one can kill you, you must know all the secret areas and secrets In the game of PUBG MOBILE, in addition to using the appropriate weapon for each situation, so you can win in PUBG MOBILE.

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In order to become a professional player in the game of PUBG Mobile, whether you are a novice player or even an experienced player, you will constantly strive to find out all the details that make you a professional of the game, by knowing where to get weapons, tools, and powerful equipment suitable for all situations. Therefore, through this article, we will present the most important secret places in the PUBG Mobile game, which professional players resort to so that they can freely shoot enemies, without being seen by one of the enemies

The best secret areas in PUBG Mobile

  • PRISON area, in this area, is a tree where PUBG players hide and climb the tower in it and shoot from this area.
  • You can also hide in the tower, jump from it on the tree and shoot from this point easily, without any of the enemies discovering your location.
  • And also one of the best secret areas that you should be aware of in order to become a professional in the game of PUBG Mobile is an area located on the snow map in the ZABAVA region, this area is located under a large stone or rock so that you can hide under it and shoot the enemy easily.
  • You can shoot the enemy and hide under the sunken ship in the water in the water city located between the RVINS and the ROZHOK district.
  • And also one of the best places full of weapons and equipment is the Sosnovka Military Base airport, it is full of weapons and also you can hide in it, as it is full of secret areas, as well as climb on the containers located in it and shoot at the enemy.
  • You can also climb on the back walls of houses and reach the rooftops and shoot from this area, as well as you can climb containers on the roofs of houses or the top of the tower and shoot the enemy from above.
  • Among the most important secret areas in the game of PUBG MOBILE are the underground tunnels, which are easily accessible on the map.
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The player can buy more add-ons and weapons that help him win in the game of PUBG through PUBG UC, which is a virtual currency that the player of PUBG uses during the game, to obtain more promotions and rewards and buy many things and weapons. The most thing that encouraged players to enjoy the game more.

In conclusion, you have learned about some secret areas in which you can hide and shoot at the enemy without any of the enemies discovering your location, knowing that there are many other places that you can hide in other than those mentioned in the article, given that the developers of the game of PUBG are constantly working On updating PUBG and adding more new places. Thus, you will have mastered the game of PUBG Mobile and become a professional in hiding and eliminating the enemy with complete secrecy.

Be a pro: learn the secret areas to hide in in PUBG MOBILE 5

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What is a PUBG gift card?

A PUBG gift card is a type of gift card that can be used to purchase items within the popular online multiplayer game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

Where can I purchase a PUBG gift card?

PUBG gift cards can be purchased at various retailers that sell gift cards, as well as online through the official PUBG website.

What can I purchase with a PUBG gift card?

A PUBG gift card can be used to purchase in-game items such as skins, weapons, and other accessories that can enhance the gameplay experience.

How do I redeem a PUBG gift card?

To redeem a PUBG gift card, go to the official PUBG website and log in to your account. Then, navigate to the “Add Bonus/Gift Code” section and enter the code found on the gift card. The value of the gift card will then be added to your account balance.

Are there any restrictions on using a PUBG gift card?

Yes, there may be restrictions on the use of a PUBG gift card, such as expiration dates, limitations on the amount of credit that can be added to an account, and restrictions on the types of items that can be purchased.

Can I use a PUBG gift card to purchase items for other games?

No, PUBG gift cards can only be used to purchase items within the PUBG game.

Can I use a PUBG gift card to purchase a PUBG game license?

No, PUBG gift cards cannot be used to purchase a PUBG game license.

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