Do you think that we will see Persona 5 on Xbox soon?

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Do you think that we will see Persona 5 on Xbox soon?
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Since the release of the temporary Persona 5 PlayStation exclusivity during 2016 in the Japanese market and then in the global market.

The game has succeeded in setting unprecedented records, both at the level of opinions and ratings of players and analysts.

Or at the level of huge sales that the game has achieved since its launch on PlayStation devices.

This prompted the Japanese company Atlus to re-release it again with an improved and developed version that contains the same contents of the first version.

With the addition of more improvements and updates during the month of March of 2020.

It seems that the time has finally come for Xbox owners to try the most famous game among the games RPG “Persona 5”.

According to what was recently mentioned in many reports, we will witness the launch of the famous RPG game Persona 5 on Xbox One or the new generation Xbox Series S and X versions.

And that the game is expected to be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers in the coming period, as happened with the popular Yakuza series, published by Sega.

Note that these rumors are aligned with the statements of Atlus.

Which it previously announced about its release of the game on Xbox devices at a later time, and that it is very interested in bringing its games to the Xbox platform.

So we expect the official announcement of the release of Persona 5 for Xbox devices soon during this year.

And you can get the Persona 5 game as soon as it is launched on Xbox using Xbox cards.

Which you can buy online wherever you are through ar-pay at the best prices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Persona 5

About Persona 5

Certainly, Persona 5 is one of the games that we only see every few years, because the game needs a lot of effort from the development team to work on many aspects of the game, as it is unlike any other game.

However, the new part of the game “Persona 5” took the game to new and more distinct heights through the mixture of red and black colors, sound effects, music, interactive menus and storytelling style that is completely different from any other video game.

Where Persona 5 is a life where you live its events closer to reality, by living with the social life of the protagonist.

Whom you call yourself, by watching him eat, sleep, fight and live all his daily activities.

The story and events of Persona 5 revolve briefly around the idea of abuse of power.

So that every evil character in the game represents a corrupt character from the characters in any society, from teachers and criminals to corrupt politicians.

So comes the role of the game hero, the thief and a group of untouchable teenagers who have been subjected to a lot of injustice from their society.

And they control the minds of evil characters and force them to admit their crimes and compensate society for all their wrong actions.

By entering their subconscious mind and controlling their feelings and thoughts and helping them to acknowledge their mistakes.

Persona 5

Besides tracking the player to the events of the story, exploring the palaces and continuing to fight.

There are many other interactive activities and tasks that the player can do in his spare time.

Which raise his level, skills and abilities away from the fighting, which will be reflected on his performance and the performance of his team.

As for the fighting part of the game, the fighting style is very interesting and is considered one of the rare methods that are not available in the recent period.

As it depends on the menus and the choice of your next moves, which gives the game a distinctive style of fighting that depends on the tactical style and the use of strategies and defense plans.

In the end, Persona 5 is not only an exciting and interesting game, but rather a therapeutic experience that every player must live.

As it is a unique experience capable of making the player appreciate and enjoy the simplest things that he lives in his normal life.

And also helps to improve the personality of the player on the psychological side Social and moral, and this is rare in any other game.

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