Stalker 2: Find out some details of the upcoming Xbox exclusive

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Stalker 2: Find out some details of the upcoming Xbox exclusive
On this article you will find

In the beginning, the initial announcement of the temporary Xbox exclusive, Stalker 2.

Dates back to 2010, and then the developer studio GSC Game World came confirming that the game Stalker 2 is already under development.

But the first appearance of the game was during the last year 2020 during the event for introducing games Xbox to be so Stalker 2 is the star of the most important event.

Therefore, through this article, we will provide the most important details of the Xbox “Stalker 2” exclusivity that many people may not know.

First of all, what is Stalker 2?

The upcoming Stalker 2 game, exclusively on Xbox, is a first-person shooter and horror genre.

One of the things that Stalker 2 is famous for is its dark atmosphere, dark world, and the mutant creatures in it.

Therefore, many players are waiting for the release of the game Stalker 2 for more than 10 years ago.

Given that the first announcement of it was in 2010 as previously mentioned.

On the other hand, the game developers define the name of the game Stalker as an abbreviation of some words:

  • The word Scavengers meaning scavengers.
  • The word Trespassers meaning intruders.
  • The word Adventurers and the adventurers.
  • The word Loners meaning loners.
  • The word Killers meaning killers.
  • The word Explorers meaning explorers.
  • The word Robbers and mean thieves.

Stalker 2

The importance of Stalker word rankings

Rankings in the game Stalker are called “bounty hunters”, where bounty hunters seek out treasures called zone treasures in an attempt to uncover all their secrets.

As some come to the zone to escape from their past, others come out of desire to get money, and some The other always strives to reach the truth and to reach the secrets.

Finally, whatever the motives of the bounty hunters, they are known as STALKER-s, and when you enter the game you will be one of them.

So what is the Area of zone?

The zone is the zone of disruption and is called “The Zone of Alienation”. This area is 60 km long.

It was identified around the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant at the end of the 1986 disaster.

And was subsequently extended due to the second Chernobyl disaster that occurred in the year 2006.

The developer of Stalker talks about this area as a very dangerous area full of distorted creatures, deadly radiation, and mysterious and incomprehensible energy.

In spite of this, the Al-Zoon region is not a remote and isolated region, and although it is a great danger, explorers do not stop exploring and entering it.

On the other hand, the game Stalker features a simulation system for the real world called A-Life.

Note that this system will be available in the next part of the game on Xbox devices with an upgraded version called A-Life 2.0.

And this system works to control the game world and behavior.

The mutated and supernatural characters and creatures in the game.

And this will make the zone constantly changing and not fixed, which gives Stalker 2 a lot of interesting and changing events.

The upcoming Xbox exclusive Stalker 2 will present a strong and distinct story full of many unexpected and multiple endings.

And the player will have to choose many difficult decisions and have a lot of courage to face the many obstacles resulting from those choices.

In the end, it is indicated that the game Stalker 2 will soon come during the current year 2021 on Xbox consoles as well as personal computers.

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