Will we see Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X soon?

Will we see Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X soon?
On this article you will find

After the overwhelming success of Microsoft Flight Simulator on the Xbox One and PC after its release last August 2020.

Some leaks came indicating that the owners of the new generation Xbox Series are about to get the game.

But Microsoft has not announced until our time.

The current date for the game’s official release on the new generation Xbox.

Xbox has previously stated that the game’s achievement was enormous after the number of its players exceeded the two million player mark worldwide.

The developers of the game also stated that the new version of the game has been speeded up to the maximum over the course of the series, which spanned 38 years.

The director of Microsoft Flight Simulator commented on this success.

Explaining that this achievement is due to the wonderful game community and real-world pilots who are passionate about aviation and fans of virtual aviation who have adopted the game since its release in August.

And made it one of the largest and most important releases on Xbox One and PC.

About the performance of Microsoft Flight Simulator

Of course, there are not many fans of simulation games, because this type of games mainly depends on the of simulation.

So it is only enjoyed by fans of this type of games, and the fans of this type are considered less than other games.

Even though the game is a simulation game of airplane driving, when you try it you will not feel it at all.

When you start playing, you will find that it simulates all the details of the earth, as artificial intelligence was used in the manufacture of the 3D game map of the planet, which made the game space reach 92 GB.

It has up to 341 cities with real photogrammetry, all of these models will be streamed and uploaded live while you play, if you turn on real scan before the game starts.

Therefore, Microsoft Flight Simulator on the Xbox One platform consumes many gigabytes of internet if using the real photogrammetry feature.

Therefore, one of the most important things about Microsoft Flight Simulator is that all the coordinates will be available everywhere on the game map.

All you have to do is search for the event in the search box to find yourself directly above the event.

One of the crazy things about the Xbox exclusive “Microsoft Flight Simulator” is not only simulating the map of the Earth and driving the planes.

But the game also simulates the weather at the time of play, and certainly the player can control whether the feature is turned on or off.

For example, the player can fly in a city and this city in fact has a sandstorm or thunderstorm, to find that this is also present in the game.

Isn’t it amazing that you come across all the weather, climatic conditions and live events while flying the plane?! Microsoft Flight Simulator is definitely not like any other simulation game.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s stunning, lifelike graphics on Xbox One

Well, dear reader, it can be said that Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the best video games that simulate reality with amazingly realistic visual effects and graphics.

So that the player often finds it difficult to distinguish between real graphics and realistic images.

In terms of minute details in the game of terrain, mountains, rivers, buildings, clouds, fog, and others.

Microsoft Flight Simulator also includes about 20 planes, each of which is designed by hand, and each type differs in its characteristics, specifications, and the way they are flown.

A number of options are also available to increase or decrease the difficulty of the game as desired. Finally, Microsoft Flight Simulator is a simulation game in all respects.

Finally, the game is excellent and amazingly fun.

And if you want to try the game and are waiting for its release on the new generation Xbox.

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