Secrets of the Xbox Series X and its official release date

Secrets of the Xbox Series X and its official release date
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Xbox Series X is a video game system provided by Microsoft. So that Microsoft announced the device officially on the date of June 9 of last year 2019 at the Electronic Entertainment Exhibition (Game Awards). It is the first time that the company revealed the official name of the new version of the X box Series X and its design shape. The company previously called it Project Scarlett.

This was stated by the official responsible for developing the X box device at Microsoft, “Phil Spencer.” He explained that the new X box Series X version will give the user the most powerful and fastest gaming machine, as well as the device’s compatibility with old games.
He explained that the new design of the Xbox will give the user a 4 times stronger performance compared to the previous generation Xbox One X. And that the user can use the device in a vertical and horizontal plane.

The name of the new version of the X box indicates that Microsoft will launch a group of devices in the new generation. And it’s not just limited to the Xbox Series X. So that the name gives the company the flexibility to name a lot of different and new versions of the device later. And this is despite the similarity between the name of the new version and its predecessor (X box One). Phil Spencer stated that the name Series X gives the company the freedom to do new things based on this name

Xbox Series X design

The design of the new version of the X box was completely different from the previous versions of the Xbox. So that it came with a rectangular design that resembles in shape to desktop computers. However, “Spencer” confirmed that the new design of the X box came like this. To achieve this function by which we aim to give the user a better and stronger gaming experience. He said that the new Xbox design looks different to users than usual. Except that he is so beautiful and eye-catching that he cannot be ignored.

In addition to the rectangular or square design of the X box Series X and its black color. The device came almost the same width as the previous version Xbox One X, except that its length was about 3 times it. In addition to the presence of a luminous X box logo that acts as a power button and a grid design on the top of the device. With a slot for playing games Cds.

Although the new design looks different from previous generations, it comes in a distinctive and simple form. And Phil Spencer expects the design of the Xbox Series X aims to be a simple console that does not make any noise. As if it does not exist while using the device to play.

In addition to a large fan that pushes air up. Which makes the sound that is produced during the operation of the device not very clear.
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Secrets of the Xbox Series X and its official release date 2

Perform the new version of X box

At a time when Microsoft did not fully disclose the specifications of the new version of X box
It stated that the new version gives the user a stronger performance by about 4 times the performance of the previous version (X box One).
By using a redesigned processor based on the AMD Zen 2 processor and Radeon RDNA architecture.
In addition to using NVMe SSD and GDDR6 RAM.
This new version supports games up to 8K at a rate of 120 frames per second in addition to support for a variable refresh rate.

Through these specifications, Microsoft stated that it will not only give the user a smooth experience while playing games.
But it will give him the ability to play again in a more fluid manner compared to the previous Xbox version.

So that the company clarified that it is working to reduce the latency to a minimum or develop the response.
Based on ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) technology.
In addition to giving developers a tool called DLI to take advantage of the powerful and distinctive specifications of the new X box Series X

Secrets of the Xbox Series X and its official release date 4

Xbox Series X games

Microsoft said that the new device will be compatible with games and accessories for previous releases. It confirmed that the X box Series X is compatible with thousands of games for previous generations of Xbox. This is in addition to its compatibility with other services such as X box Game Pass. And despite the specifications enjoyed by the new generation of X box. However, the new games that will be available in the new version are what most interest users. So that the company announced the first trailer for the new version of the game Hellblade2.
I explained that this version of the game depends on the X box Series X. The company has previously revealed the availability of Halo Infinite.

It is expected that the company will reveal more details later on the games for the new generation of Xbox. Microsoft confirmed that game producers around the world are currently working on improving and developing new Xbox Series X games. As there are more than 15 studios devoted to developing Xbox games. They are working on developing the largest variety of games and making them more creative games than Xbox-exclusive games.

Xbox Series X supports cloud gaming

The Xbox Series X supports and plays cloud games over the Internet. So Microsoft stated that the device was designed for that as well.
This is in addition to the strong and distinctive specifications of the device and the programs that facilitate easy playing from different places.

The new joystick for X box Series X Microsoft announced the new wireless controller for the X box Series X. So the company revealed that it will bring more improvements to the shape and design. In terms of shape and size, to suit all users’ tastes. So, “Phil Spencer” that although the Xbox One X fits about 95% of the hands of users.

The Xbox Series X controller will be suitable for over 98% of them. In addition, it has a button for sharing screenshots or videos directly from the game. The company has confirmed that the new arm will work with the previous version Xbox One and computers that support Windows 10

Secrets of the Xbox Series X and its official release date 6

X box Series X release date

The company confirmed the launch of the new Xbox Series X device to the market on November 10, 2020. That price in the market is 499 USD. And you can get prepaid Xbox One X American cards and Xbox One X cards through our website


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