Learn about the best applications that support Apple Pencil and can be purchased with iTunes credit

Learn about the best applications that support Apple Pencil and can be purchased with iTunes credit

Certainly, the Apple Pencil turns your iPad from just a touch screen tablet to a versatile PC by adding the Apple Pencil. The Apple Pencil gives you the ability to do many tasks such as editing photos, taking notes and drawing in an easier, simpler and faster way. Therefore, in this article, we will present the best applications that you can use with the Apple Pencil that are available on the iTunes Store, and you can get them by charging your iTunes balance using prepaid iTunes cards.

First, the Notability app

The app is designed to help the user take many notes, using the Apple Pencil. When you open a new note, you can choose between normal typing on the keyboard or writing with the Apple Pencil. The application also gives you the ability to record voice notes in addition to written notes, which makes it one of the best note-taking tools for students. It is also distinguished by providing page breaks, which makes it easy to format the note in PDF version or print it at any time.

Finally, you can download the Notability app from the iTunes store at a price of $ 10 by recharging the iTunes balance using prepaid iTunes cards.

Second: Linea Sketch app

Linea Sketch is one of the best professional drawing apps available on the iTunes store that supports the use of Apple Pencil. Where user can simply easily create creative graphic logos for whatever you want. The application includes many different canvases like other drawing applications. One of the best things about Linea Sketch is its simple design and ease of use. You can get Linea Sketch from the iTunes store for $5.

Third: GoodNotes 5 on iTunes Store

The application is the new version of the original iPad application for writing notes, and the use of the application is simple, which is the normal writing on the iPad. But one of the drawbacks of the application was that it was missing some important functions. For example, it did not have the vertical scrolling feature available in other applications such as Notes. However, the new version of the application took care of adding vertical scrolling, which made the process of taking notes better and easier. The new version of the application has made it easier and more organized to create a large number of nested folders. It also has a handwriting recognition feature in case the handwriting is bad or unclear.

You can get GoodNotes 5 from the iTunes store by charging iTunes cards, and it is available at a price of $8 on the iTunes store.

Learn about the best applications that support Apple Pencil and can be purchased with iTunes credit 1

Fourth: Pixelmator app

Pixelmator is one of the most important applications that support the use of the Apple Pencil, and it specializes in editing photos in a simple, fast and easy way. It also has many advantages because it is somewhat similar to the Photoshop application, by creating a blank canvas, adding many images, organizing them, adding shapes or texts, and others..

Apple Pencil also adds more creativity when using the app, by using it as a selection tool, it gives you the ability to select the parts of the photos you want to edit with high accuracy. You can also use the pen to write hand texts on photos. The application also provides you with a variety of brushes for drawing and writing. You can download the Pixelmator app from the iTunes store for $5.

Fifth: Procreate application

Procreate application was created specifically for Apple Pencil users for iPad, it is the alternative to Adobe Suite and Photoshop application. Procreate gives you the power to implement any creative ideas you can imagine. The application is considered one of the best drawing applications and the creation of distinctive and creative art paintings. You can get the app and buy it from the iTunes store for $10.

Sixth: Nebo App on iTunes Store

Nebo is one of the best multi-featured note-taking apps, developed to be used by Apple Pencil. Through the application, you can edit and format any text, and you can add or remove any content you want.

One of the main advantages of the application is the ability to convert any manual texts into texts that can be edited and added to any other notes. The application also contains more than 60 languages. It also gives you the possibility to use the keyboard to type if you wish. The app also gives you the advantage of converting any note you have written to a PDF, Word or Txt file.

Although the Nebo app is free on the iTunes store, most of the features available in the app need to make purchases using iTunes balance by charging prepaid iTunes cards.

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