Learn about the Crossfire game and how to charge ZP using Razer Gold

Learn about the Crossfire game and how to charge ZP using Razer Gold
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Crossfire game is considered one of the best electronic games in the world, which was able to impose its control on fighting and war games for years before the emergence of PUBG, for example, and the game got in 2013 the best game in the world compared to the rest of the electronic games and we all have memories of our childhood with that particular game, But what makes the game one of the best games at all in the field of electronic games? First, we must recall the way of playing, the teams, the way of fighting, and the type of weapons used in them.

How to get the game:
You must first download the crossfire game from the game’s official website, which can be downloaded very easily via the following link: https://crossfire.z8games.com/

Then you have to create a personal account from the same site to start enjoying the game.

Details about the game:
At the start of the game, you select the character you want to play with, whether from the first team or the second team, the first team is the anti-terrorism team, and the second the terrorist team.

The maps and the quality of the battles in the crossfire game vary, as it includes, for example, maps in which two teams compete against each other, and other maps in which one team faces a large group of zombies, in which the team consists of only 4 players, and there are other maps in which each team plant mines and bombs in Land the other team.

Therefore, the game is full of excitement and suspense along with many features that attract many players to it, such as:

Characteristics of the game Crossfire
● The game is completely free.
● The game can be played on any computer, whatever the capabilities.
● It has many maps and battlefields like deserts and snowy lands.
● It has more than 150 types of weapons found in the game.
● The visual and audio effects are more than amazing in the game.
● The graphics in the game are very realistic.
● Updates to the game arrive regularly.
● Daily and weekly prizes and gifts are free.

Crossfire joins Razer Gold:
Crossfire joined Razer Gold in 2017, so players can easily charge Crossfire wrenches via the Razer Gold cards and purchase stronger weapons and housing that help you win and advance in the game faster and better.

First, you have to recharge your Razer Gold account using Razr Gold cards, then you have to follow the following steps:
1. Visit the Crossfire store
2. Log in to your Z8Games account
3. Select your country
4. Select Razer Gold as the payment method
5. Select your shipping amount
6. Click buy now then confirm
7. Log in to your Razr Gold account to complete the transaction

Here is how to recharge your account with Razer Gold cards:
1- Log in to your account
2- Click on Gold on the home page and then select Reload Now
3- Choose Razer Gold Pin
4- Enter the 16-digit card number

Here is how to inquire about the available balance in your Razer wallet:
1- Log in to your account
2- Click on your account icon on the home page
3- The available balance of Razer Gold and Razer Silver will appear.

How to obtain Razer Gold Cards:

Very easily, you can get and buy Razer Gold. Through a large and wide distribution network of more than a million online and offline outlets, you can recharge your account with personal identification numbers from local stores or purchase online using your credit card.

You can now get Razer Gold in easy steps through our website ar-pay.com.

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