PlayStation: 3 Amazing Games based on true stories

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PlayStation: 3 Amazing Games based on true stories
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Through this report, we will talk about PlayStation games that were made quoting from real stories that happened and put them in detail within the game’s events on PlayStation and Xbox.

Details of games based on true stories available on PlayStation

Secret Files Tunguska

The adventure game that was released on PlayStation in 2006 is based on the developer company Fusionsphere and published on the video game consoles and PlayStation by Deep Silver.

Which revolves around detective Nina, who is trying to solve a mystery and discover the truth about her father’s disappearance.

To end up wandering around the earth to solve a mystery about an epic adventure that makes her search for another adventure, which is the Tunguska disaster.

Which is one of the real disasters that have passed on Earth, a massive explosion Turn the area from which the game starts into a block of blazing fire, and she has to find the mystery of history by helping her through the PlayStation.

From afar, the events of these events that were once available on the PlayStation devices seem to be fictional, but what many people do not know is that they are very real.

Far from the events of the game available on the PlayStation, the events of this game took place in their true form on the morning of June 30, 1908.

And in 2000 Scientists destroyed the forest named after the game to discover who was hidden from their evidence and reasons about that incident.


Aoki Ōkami To Shiroki Mejika

Mongol leader Genghis Khan was very rich material for the PS and war games.

Since the video games and PlayStation studios started, it has been based a lot on the story of the empire that Genghis Khan built, the Mongol leader.

And in that game that was released in 1987, we will find that it was not satisfied with him as a military leader, but rather gathered many other military leaders such as Richard the Lionheart and Alexios the famous Byzantine leader And others.

It is true that this game was not available on PS devices, but it was one of the most popular games in the eighties of the last century on personal computers.


L.A. Noire

This game is considered one of the most famous Rock Star Games, which is based on developing the player’s skills through the experience of playing and collecting evidence in an investigative manner.

It also has some crimes that the player must solve. In fact, this game is greatly inspired by several real crimes that have occurred, which made the game Very popular with its players on PC, and this game was also released on PlayStation.

As for her story, it is largely inspired by the famous case that occurred in 1943 and was called The Quarter Moon Murders, whose biography some may not know, but it was one of the most famous cases at the time.

As for the events of the game on the PS, it begins with the hero of the game, “Cole Phelps”, who begins to solve a group of crimes committed by the person who ended the life of Elizabeth Short, who was given the nickname “Black Dahlia”.

Especially Because of his ambiguity and the mutilation of Dahlia’s black body in a very ugly way, and she is considered an actress who is not famous, but what made her public is the strange incident of her death.

So far, the issue of the murder of Elizabeth Short has not been resolved, however, an integrated game has been built around it on video game consoles and PlayStation.

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