3 of The Best Latest PlayStation Plus releases

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3 of The Best Latest PlayStation Plus releases
On this article you will find

Residents of PlayStation are always interested in updating and developing their games, which makes them always at the forefront of video game lovers, specialized gamers, and even critics.

Games are developing significantly and more quickly, which makes players highly attracted to the next release of a game, or the announcement of a new game offered by the PlayStation platform in cooperation with the largest game studios.

As the field of games is now in constant development and competition, and the PlayStation platform is the arena that offers through which games for the audience and critics to perform with their new experience and accordingly.

The game succeeds or receives great criticism.

So, through this article, we will now present you with the latest PlayStation Plus releases that were released this year.

The latest PlayStation Plus releases

Hood: Outlaws & Legends

If you are a fan of the atmosphere of the rebels and outlaws, this game, which was released on May 10 of this year 2021, will be the strongest candidate for you.

Especially if you know its slogan, which says that they are a group of outlaws, but the legend will come out of them.

And you will find this game available on the PlayStation Plus platform at a price of $33

As for the story of the game, which you will experience on both PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 platforms.

It contains a group of rebels who are fighting battles in order to immortalize their names as war legends among the previous legends that were fighting a merciless authority.

There your only task will be to steal the hidden treasures and do not be afraid to penetrate the fortresses and spill blood because you will face those who are more deadly than you, and you must deter them with your own style.

Knockout City


If you are a fan of multiplayer shooting games, with this game available on the PlayStation.

You will ensure the maximum levels of fun and fiercest competitions with your friends in games where you will face real players.

And compete with all your might to win, and if you play in a team.

You will ensure your victory in the framework of the work Build and coordinate team Even while you are dribbling the ball, you can be the super weapon in this team if you are cooperative.

In addition to all the above the game offers on the PlayStation, each season a new map, which makes the competition fiercer and more dangerous.

This game was released on May 21 of this year 2021 and is available on the PlayStation Store at a price of $19.99, and there is a trial version that you can download and try.



As for the story, as humanity begins to drain from the planet Enoch, you must become a part of the Outrider team and set out on a journey around this hostile planet to save humanity from extinction.

What distinguishes this game, especially the way it narrates, is rich in detail across various worlds, whether at the level of slums and shantytowns or with details related to the desert, mountains, and green forests.

While you are inside the game and follow its exciting details, do not forget that the journey that you will take, despite its interesting details, is very exhausting because of the troubles that you will face throughout your journey.

This game was first released on April 1 of this year 2021 and is available on the PlayStation Store at a price of $62.99

Now you can buy these games and enjoy more PlayStation games by using your PlayStation cards through the ar-pay website.

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