List of the best PlayStation 4 games this year 2021

List of the best PlayStation 4 games this year 2021
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After the PlayStation 5 platform was released for the new generation several months ago, and the games of the new device gained the attention of many, which made the owners of the PlayStation 4 of the previous generation wonder whether Sony will continue to support the PlayStation 4 by providing more new games, Or will it stop releasing more new titles for the device?

But Sony came after that, confirming that it will continue to support the PlayStation 4 for many years to come and continue to provide more new titles.

Through this report, we will focus on the best PlayStation 4 games during the current year 2021, which we advise PlayStation 4 owners to try.

First: Horizon: Zero Dawn on PlayStation 4

The events of the game Horizon: Zero Dawn revolve around the heroine of the game named “Aloy” who is constantly striving to find the truth behind her birth, and what is the link between her existence and many secrets, and the heroine’s life is considered cruel, as she was ostracized by her tribe.

Nora, and then Rost adopted her and continued to Raised and cared for her until she grew up.

As the game’s heroine, Aloy, grows up, she becomes obsessed with the so-called Proving, a test that outcasts take so that they can prove their worth and selves to the community.

Aloy hoped that this test would help her find the truth and remove the mystery surrounding her about her very existence.

On this basis, the heroine’s journey begins to gain access to many secrets during her journey to reach the truth, through a distinctive and developed fighting style.


Second: God of War

God of War is considered one of the strongest and best games for the PlayStation 4.

As it is considered a wonderful game that revolves around the journey of the hero named Kratos and his son named Atreus, who seek on a personal mission to bury the heros wife and mother of his son on the highest mountain peak in the world, which was a testament to wife before her death.

Although the story of the game may seem vague and incomprehensible at the beginning of the game, with the passage of time it becomes more exciting and the events become more exciting.

The game also offers a very distinctive fighting and playing style, through which the player gets to know the details of the story in more depth with the progress in the gameplay and events.


Third: Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel’s Spider-Man is considered one of the most popular games due to the global popularity of Spider-Man, as he is considered one of the classic iconic characters in the world of Marvel comics.

Although the character of Spider-Man has appeared in many video games over the years, we have not had a game that revolves around the character of Spider-Man like Marvel’s Spider-Man that was released on the PlayStation 4 platform, as it is considered one of the most powerful and unique PlayStation 4 games It is a PlayStation 4 exclusive developed by Insomniac.

During the game, Spider-Man returned to us with his exciting and interesting adventures in an action-packed game, which depends on the third-person perspective.

Fourth: Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 relies on an interesting way of telling the story and events and building the gang members and their characters, as well as the complex relationships that connect the characters to each other.

Also, the game world is large and full of beautiful landscapes, and the game has an excellent technical level in terms of graphics and sound effects when compared to the rest of the PlayStation 4 games.

Well, we can say that this part was one of the best parts of the series that Rockstar has ever presented, as the Red content Dead Redemption 2 is huge and hugely stunning.

And with that, dear reader, we have finished the list of the best games that you can try on the PlayStation 4, of course there are many other great titles that are constantly released for the PlayStation 4 platform, which we will present later in other reports.

Finally, if you want to try these titles and more, you can recharge your PlayStation account, enjoy downloading any content you want, and enjoy more benefits offered by PlayStation by purchasing prepaid PlayStation cards from ar-pay at the best prices, discounts and various price categories that you may need.

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