Lost Judgment: Here’s everything about it since 2021

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Lost Judgment: Here’s everything about it since 2021
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As it was announced before that Lost Judgment will be released this month on September 24, 2021.

The second part of the popular Judgment series that was first released in 2018.

In this article, we will present all that is new about the game and the information we got about Lost Judgment regarding the game’s story, style, and gameplay.

This is according to Hosokawa’s recent about the game.

Lost Judgment: The Story is a direct sequel to the main

Although this isn’t the first solo release by developer Ryu Ga Gotoku, Judgment was a huge hit when it was first released in 2018.

Set in the main and open world of Kamurocho in the Yakuza series, Judgment tells a new story.

Apart from the story of the protagonist Kazuma Kiryu.

After the sentencing events facing Yagami inside Japan, including false convictions, plots, and murder, he once again returns to his life to investigate small cases around Tokyo’s red-light district.

But it certainly didn’t take long for he found himself in a much bigger problem.

The story of the game revolves around the idea of dealing with cases in the setting of the game’s protagonist, lawyer Yagami.

Who finds himself turned into a detective who searches and works in a street fighting style to reach the truth in a mysterious and important crime.

The story takes place after Ehara is accused of groping a woman on a train.

A bystander filmed Ehara’s escape attempt on video.

And the news publishes the video, which led to a protest by the people for the application of the maximum penalty.

However, Ehara brings the body to Yokohama for trial, and asks if the court has identified the person.

His defense attorney, Saori Shirosaki, the main character from the first game and one of Yagami’s co-workers, asks Yagami to investigate, believing that the police have overlooked important case details.

Did Ehara commit two crimes at the same time?

If so, how?

Or did he go through the entire Japanese justice system?

These are the central questions in Lost Judgment.

Lost Judgment: The game discusses important topics that affect the whole of Japanese society

If it is not clear what was mentioned, the story of Lost Judgment focuses on some of the important topics in the world, including conviction rates that reach 99% in the state of Japan.

And crimes of sexual assault, and murders, and corruption within the judicial system in Japan.

As you know, developer Ryu Ga Gotoku’s releases, especially recent releases, are not late in addressing political and social issues within Japan’s society.

Although a lot of studios avoid these topics or at least talk about them. Lost Judgment discusses these topics.

As we can see, when video games became a dominant force in entertainment, or because they became as important as novels and movies as vehicles for meaningful experiences.

It was only natural that they embraced true narratives of the real world.

So Hosokawa seems to view his audience as mature people, always wanting to try out games that discuss important themes of real society.

He also sees that the video game market has changed a lot from a market focused on children to enthusiastic adults who seek to play in an open and diverse world that discusses many ideas and topics.

Lost Judgment
Lost Judgment

Lost Judgment: Yokohama’s Return

As it is known, the original Yakuza series has featured a lot of open world environments over the years, mainly known for the karamucho-inspired atmosphere of Tokyo’s Kabukicho entertainment.

Hosokawa explains that Ijinshu is also a vast city, built on the basis of being an RPG, so skateboarding was introduced as a means of transportation to make moving around the city more comfortable.

And that while playing Lost Judgment, we took the game’s new skateboard to add some amusement rides, that it works well enough.

And that there’s a fun novelty of skateboarding around town, even if the game has limited controls.

Lost Judgment: Back to School

In one part of the game and during investigations, Yagami had to infiltrate Yokohama High School in disguise, so he had to go back to school again.

Lost Judgment features a huge high school in Japan that is completely designed for the player to enjoy exploring.

In addition to its diverse characters, games, story and even fighting style.

Lost Judgment: The battles and fighting style are great

As it is known from the game developers, their distinction and interest in providing a smooth fighting style.

Lost Judgment offers a wonderful and smooth fighting style through fast strong shots and heavy or light attacks.

In addition to the use of fast wrestling methods and strong throws.

Hosokawa considered the new combat system in Lost Judgment to be the most advanced variant of Ryu Ga Gotoku’s combat system.

Lost Judgment: Lost Judgment is the first global release of Ryu Ga Gotoku

As it is known. Ryu Ga Gotoku studio games appeared in Japan more than a year ago before being launched in many other countries, and their games were often not released outside Japan.

Therefore, Lost Judgment is the first global launch of the developer, which will be launched globally on the same day of the release.

On the PlayStation and Xbox platform for the previous generation and the new generation.


We note that the game will be released this month on September 24, 2021 on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

You can easily get the game and buy it as soon as it is launched immediately by charging the PlayStation and Xbox cards provided by ar-pay,

Enjoy downloading the game on your home device as soon as possible.


What is Lost Judgment?

Lost Judgment is a game where you play as Takayuki Yagami, a former detective who now works as a lawyer.

You investigate a kidnapping case that leads to a wider corruption scandal.

What can I do in Lost Judgment?

You can explore the city of Yokohama, solve puzzles, fight enemies, and defend your clients in court.

What are the new features in Lost Judgment?

Lost Judgment has a bigger and more lively world, a more complex and exciting stor.

A new and more complex combat system, and new legal elements.

Do I need to play Judgment before playing Lost Judgment?

You don’t need to play Judgment before playing Lost Judgment.

But you may not understand some of the story elements if you haven’t played Judgment.

Is Lost Judgment a good game?

Yes, Lost Judgment is a good game.

It has a strong story, interesting characters, and a fun combat system.

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