4 PlayStation games are exciting their fans

4 PlayStation games are exciting their fans
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As has been the case in the world of video games and PlayStation since the beginning of the descent of this type of device there is a world of fierce competition between game games.

Therefore this world enjoys a form of renewal and change in the ideas and style of playing from time to time, but there are still video games and games.

It enjoys an exceptional and classic condition for most players, and there is still a new situation.

Which makes them leave hundreds of games that were released during the past many years since the beginning of the nineties and stick to certain PlayStation games without other video games and other PlayStations, which increases some question and confusion!

Learn about the games that PlayStation fans are excited about in their new releases

Dead space

This game was released in several versions on the PlayStation platform, and gained a huge audience because of the very exciting story that this game relies on since its first release on the PlayStation platform several years ago. other than that game.

Only the second part was obtained from these parts, to satisfy the audience, and starting from the third part, the audience and critics criticized the game in a very scathing way.

Both at the level of repeated presentation in each part from what was before it, or at the level of the way the procurement systems that the audience considered provocative.

This made EA, the company responsible for producing that game on the PlayStation, state that it is trying to avoid these harsh criticisms and modify the game’s orientation.

Therefore, the fans of this game are eagerly waiting for the new version that will be released by EA.



Recently, EA, the sports game company, has officially produced the fighting game UFC to compete with its old game FIGHT NIGHT.

Which has been a pioneer in the sports field since its appearance in the nineties with the emergence of the PlayStation platform, which made many fans stick to this game.

Because of the uniqueness of its style in The gameplay and uniqueness of its graphics at that time, which made many players stick to it and wait for any new release to be released.


Max payne

This game is one of the classics on the PlayStation that I have loved since my childhood, since the beginning of its release on personal computers and PlayStation 1 and then the release of its other versions.

Which are very powerful because of its unique playing style since its first release and its story that made me from the first moment I turned to it, and dive into its details.

And when I searched to choose those games that I am writing about now, I was surprised that I was not the only one who loved this game and its very exciting details.

This game, when any part of it is released, sells millions of copies in the least possible time, so the popularity of this game on the PlayStation is very unique because of its integration in all its details.


Splinter Cell

Despite the vast space that this game has to offer a lot, but unfortunately, it stopped after its latest release, which is called Blacklist, stopped achieving success comparable to its previous successes, so the producing company stopped at this point.

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