5 new information about the upcoming New State for PUBG mobile

5 new information about the upcoming New State for PUBG mobile
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Without prior notice, Krafton announced the launch of a new version of the popular game, PUBG, which is called “PUBG: New State”, explaining that the new part of the most famous Battle Royale game in the world will contain a large number of changes and features. New, which the original players of the game will definitely feel once they get started. Through this article, we will display the most important 5 new information about the new game PUBG so that the game developer gives us more information about the game.

First: The game will be launched on smartphones

As expected and known about the game of PUBG in the previous parts, the new part, “PUBG: new state” will be launched for smartphones completely free of charge in all countries of the world. And that on all mobile operating systems, whether IOS or Android. However, there has been no talk about running the game on other platforms such as computer or home platforms, but it is expected that it will be announced later this year.

Second: the events of the game will be in the future

Although the events of the next game of PUBG will be in the future, it will not be in the future that is very far from our present time, as it will only take us to the events of the year 2051, that is, only 30 years from our current time, which explains that the weapons in the game will not They are futuristic or strange weapons, as many players expect, noting that the new part of the game of PUBG will largely preserve the classic style of fighting and warfare, but with the addition of many improvements and modifications. So that the story of the game revolves around the spread of chaos and the collapse of security and safety around the world, which leads to the emergence of many groups and clans that compete with each other for control of the world.

Third: confrontation while playing

The gameplay in the new part of the game of PUBG also does the same as the usual gameplay for the game, by fighting 100 players each other until only one player or one team remains at the end of the battle and is the winner in the end. However, the developers of the game of PUBG have improved the blue area to be reduced faster, which prompts players to search faster for weapons, equipment and other resources that help them survive for a longer time and eliminate the enemy as quickly as possible, in addition to adding a new title to the game PUBG is Lone Survivor, who will be the last player remaining on the team.

5 new information about the upcoming New State for PUBG mobile 1

Fourth: Adding advanced and auxiliary mechanisms

One of the most important improvements added by the developer of the game, PUBG, is the drones, along with many upgradeable and modernized vehicles and weapons, which makes the style and way of playing better, improved and developed than the previous parts.

Fifthly: the map of the New State of PUBG

When you start playing in New State, the game will provide one main map called “Troi”. This map is full of wide and open areas of 8 x 8 km, filled with a lot of vehicles available in each of the two classic arcade modes. The player will also be able to customize his own weapons in the middle of the battle, which increases the customization options and changes the battle rules in this part.

In conclusion, these are the five most important pieces of new information that will be available in the new part of the game “PUBG: New State”, which helps us to visualize the shape of the game and the new style of play so that the developer studio of the game gives us more details about the new part. Certainly, the graphics in the new part of the game are expected to be full of changes and improvements with the return of the original developers of the game. And you can upgrade your weapons and get many new and fun features while playing by purchasing PUBG cards from our website ar-pay so which ar-pay provides you with all kinds of prepaid gift cards online easily and securely and at the best prices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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What is a PUBG gift card?

A PUBG gift card is a type of gift card that can be used to purchase items within the popular online multiplayer game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

Where can I purchase a PUBG gift card?

PUBG gift cards can be purchased at various retailers that sell gift cards, as well as online through the official PUBG website.

What can I purchase with a PUBG gift card?

A PUBG gift card can be used to purchase in-game items such as skins, weapons, and other accessories that can enhance the gameplay experience.

How do I redeem a PUBG gift card?

To redeem a PUBG gift card, go to the official PUBG website and log in to your account. Then, navigate to the “Add Bonus/Gift Code” section and enter the code found on the gift card. The value of the gift card will then be added to your account balance.

Are there any restrictions on using a PUBG gift card?

Yes, there may be restrictions on the use of a PUBG gift card, such as expiration dates, limitations on the amount of credit that can be added to an account, and restrictions on the types of items that can be purchased.

Can I use a PUBG gift card to purchase items for other games?

No, PUBG gift cards can only be used to purchase items within the PUBG game.

Can I use a PUBG gift card to purchase a PUBG game license?

No, PUBG gift cards cannot be used to purchase a PUBG game license.

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