Learn the pros and cons of Demon’s Souls game on PlayStation 5

Learn the pros and cons of Demon’s Souls game on PlayStation 5
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After the developer team From Software launched Demons Souls for the first time exclusively on the PlayStation 3 platform, Bluepoint Games studio came to redevelop Demons Souls specifically for PlayStation 5, taking advantage of all the advantages and capabilities of the new generation of PlayStation devices.

Beginning with Demon’s Souls’ exclusive PlayStation 5 edition, developed by Bluepoint Games, and was published on November 19 of last year, 2020 by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is one of the RPG and action games. Demon’s Souls game is based primarily on challenge and combat, because of the strength of the enemies that you face while playing and your constant loss of the number of lives you have whenever you die while playing.

Pros of Demon’s Souls version of the PlayStation 5

  • The new version of the game is a great rebuilding of the original version that was launched on the PlayStation 3, through improvements and updates that have been added to the game in terms of visual and physical effects and all the details of the characters from the movement of lips, facial expressions, and others.
  • Adding many modifications and updates to the dialogues of the game, as well as great music and diversification of music tracks.
  • On the graphical side, the game works at 1440p at a rate of 60 frames per second, and the movie clips are at 4K resolution at 30 frames per second. So the performance of the game is considered the best in terms of appearance and ease of play.
  • Because Demon’s Souls game is considered the first game of the style of Souls games, and although the previous version of the game is highly distinguished, it lacked high technical performance, so the improved version of the game is considered better in terms of excellent technical performance and greatly benefits from all possibilities And the capabilities of the PlayStation 5 platform.
  • Demon’s Souls features many separate worlds, each with different designs and stages. Which makes the player always strive to explore everything new in each of these stages and to know all the details on an ongoing basis.
  • The combat and gameplay in Demon’s Souls is remarkably fun and easy which has made gameplay smoother. So that the game begins by creating your favorite character and choosing its classification, whether a warrior or a magician, etc., and as you advance in the game, you will collect weapons, tools, magic and miracles, as well as upgrade your character, weapons and equipment to help you perform your basic tasks.
  • As we mentioned, one of the most important advantages of the game is that it adopts a difficult challenge method through the death of the character repeatedly, which causes the player to lose his lives, and the game is distinguished by the fact that every region or world in which the player plays is affected by the number of times he dies. In terms of difficulty, Demon’s Souls is a challenging and difficult game.

Learn the pros and cons of Demon's Souls game on PlayStation 5 1

Downsides to Demon’s Souls game

  • Despite the advantages and improvements that the developer team added in the new version of the game, the problems that existed in the game still exist, such as problems in the artificial intelligence of the enemies for their movements, especially the flying enemies.
  • Not to modify the group play phase, as it would have been better if helping friends around you was optional and not an imposed matter, and it was better for the player to choose or reject it.
  • The distance between the Archstore and the leader is sometimes long, which makes the player exposed to many dangers and feels a lot of frustration.

Learn the pros and cons of Demon's Souls game on PlayStation 5 3

In the end, and despite the presence of some minor problems in the game that we mentioned, it is considered the best and most powerful enhanced version of a video game to date, as this version surpasses the original game developers’ version. And if you are a PlayStation 5 owner and a fan of action and adventure games and want to get a game that includes a big and difficult challenge, there is no doubt that Demon’s Souls game on the PlayStation 5 is still shining as it was before. And if you are a previous player or a new player, there is no doubt that it will be one of the best games ever that you can try on PlayStation 5. You can get the game and download it from the PlayStation Store by purchasing PlayStation cards online from ar-pay , where ar-pay provides you. All types of PlayStation cards and all types of prepaid cards at the best prices in Saudi Arabia.

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