What are the 10 titles in PUBG Mobile and how to obtain them?

What are the 10 titles in PUBG Mobile and how to obtain them?
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Of course, you want to get the many and varied titles in PUBG to distinguish them among your friends and competitors in the game, just like the rest of the PUBG players in the world who are constantly striving to get the most famous titles in the world.

Of course, the game of PUBG includes many titles, and getting them is not easy, as some titles require a lot of wins using many different weapons.

Through this article, we will explain some of the titles that you can obtain in the game of PUBG Mobile, and how to obtain them.

What are the 10 titles in PUBG Mobile and how to obtain them? 1

What are the titles of the game PUBG MOBILE?

1- Commando title

The title of commando in the game of PUBG Mobile is one of the medium titles, and you can acquire the title of commando after you can eliminate:

  • 2000 opponents with specific weapons
  • 1000 others with other weapons
  • 200 opponents with other weapons

In other words, you must use all the 6 classifications of weapons in the game of PUBG MOBILE.

2- The title of a fishing expert or a leader of gains

You will be able to get this title in the game of PUBG Mobile if you can win a one-on-one battle in Classic mode during the Platinum level or higher.

But it’s not that simple, you need to win the battle by following 10 different methods in each battle.

What are the 10 titles in PUBG Mobile and how to obtain them? 4

3- The title of skilled sniper

This title requires the player to kill 3 opponents 50 meters or more at the same time without losing any bullet, in the Platinum level or higher in a classic singles match.

4- The distinguished title of destiny

Distinguished Fate is one of the elite and distinguished titles in the game of PUBG Mobile, and this title is opened after the player completes 6000 points of achievement in the game.

And it takes time and effort to achieve the distinct destiny title in the PUBG Mobile game, as only a few in the world have succeeded in obtaining it .

5- The title of the collector

This title focuses on the player who is interested in collecting clothes, weapon finishes and parachutes, and after collecting the specified number of all these things, the player can obtain the collector title in the game of PUBG Mobile.

6- The title of reaching the limit

This title has not been able to any player in the world to obtain it in the game PUBG Mobile until now, since it requires the player to reach level 100.

7- The title of Commando

In order for the player to obtain the commando title, he needs to win 50 individual battles in the classic mode, at the Platinum level or higher, and during these battles the player is without a jacket, helmet or backpack.

8- The title of weapon expert

This title was obtained by many players after only one attempt, but many players cannot obtain it even after many attempts, as it is one of the most tried titles in the game of PUBG Mobile.

To obtain this title, the player needs to follow a smart strategy while playing, so that he needs to eliminate enemies using 6 different methods, and the weapons used are more specific in one battle, and he must also be at the platinum level or higher.

What are the 10 titles in PUBG Mobile and how to obtain them? 6

9- The title of the excess conductor

This title in the game of PUBG Mobile is considered a legendary title, and the player can get this title after winning 2,800 achievement points.

10- The title of “Peaceful One” or “Free Chicken Dinner”

The player can get this title by winning a one-on-one battle in the classic mode at the Platinum level or higher, which is one of the most easy titles to get in the PUBG Mobile game.

11- Well Like

Finally, this title is considered one of the most popular titles in the PUBG Mobile game, and almost all players in the game are considered to have this title, noting that the new player certainly has not yet obtained this title.

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