The Medium: 5 Advantages of the Xbox exclusive

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The Medium: 5 Advantages of the Xbox exclusive
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The Medium game is exclusive to Microsoft for the new generation of Xbox devices developed by the Blooper Team, and this team is known for developing psychological horror, mystery and exploration games.

The game was launched on January 28 of this year 2021 by Bloober Team SA on Microsoft’s new generation devices (Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S) and personal computers.

The game’s developer team stated that they were inspired by the game’s story from famous classic horror games such as Silent Hill and Alan Wake.

And that the game’s events revolve around the presence of the game’s heroine in two parallel worlds at the same time, and this idea is new and distinctive and we have not seen it before.

The events of the game at first are very mysterious, but as you continue and progress in the game.

You will discover many places and blog messages that will interest you a lot, so these things will help you in your attempt to discover the truth and get rid of the mystery surrounding you.

Xbox exclusive benefits “The Medium”

  • The story of The Medium is very interesting and the events are amazing, since the beginning of the game you will wonder about the story of the heroine of the game and what is the reason for the mysterious powers that she possesses, and until the end of the game you will remain entertained and fascinated by the events.
  • Puzzles and challenges in the game, its level is largely balanced between difficulty and ease, and it makes you always think in a balanced way to reach its solution.
  • One of the most important things that distinguishes the Medium game is that the screen will be divided into two parts, a part for the real world in which the heroine lives, and a second part for the fictional world, with an indication that you will be able to control both worlds in order to solve puzzles and challenges.
  • Technically speaking, the game’s developing team provided distinctive and charming music that is in line with the different events and stages of the game, and makes the player feel the atmosphere of the place in which he is. Where the sound effects in the game are very distinctive and wonderful, through the whispers that you may hear when approaching some memorable objects, or hearing the sound of footsteps around you. As these sounds and effects had a great impact in introducing the player to the atmosphere of the game, and helping him to explore the places around him and reach to solve puzzles.
  • The medium’s highlight is the good use of the game’s heroine’s abilities to solve puzzles and advance in the game.

The Medium: 5 Advantages of the Xbox exclusive 1

Disadvantages of The Medium game

  • Although The Medium game provided a great gameplay experience in general, one of the main drawbacks of the game was the stability of the camera, which posed a hindrance during the player’s control in some areas.
  • One of the things taken from The Medium game is that the most important aspects of the story and the main things that affect the course of events are explained to the player through excerpts distributed throughout the game, making it easy for the player to ignore them during their journey.

The Medium: 5 Advantages of the Xbox exclusive 5

Ultimately, despite some technical issues with the game, they are not quite annoying.

Thus, The Medium game has provided a unique and distinctive experience and an innovative and interesting story across an elaborate world.

As well as the events of the game that will take you on an amazing adventure with wonderful characters to explore the world that surrounds you and remove all the mystery that the game heroine lives.

In addition to presenting a variety of puzzles that sometimes need deep thinking to solve.

Also, the wonderful music in the game will greatly enter the atmosphere of the game.

Finally, attractive graphics and details are provided with high quality.

Therefore, The Medium is one of the best games worth trying on the Xbox platform, and if you want to get the game and download it from the Xbox store.

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