Xbox exclusive 2021 games and player reviews

Xbox exclusive 2021 games and player reviews
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Of course, all players are waiting for exclusive games and releases for Xbox Series X and Xbox X, especially after Microsoft’s recent acquisitions.

Where the official account of Xbox on the social media site “Twitter” asked a question to the players, about the game they are most excited about in 2021, and the answers certainly came in different ways.

Xbox Games 2021

Xbox exclusive 2021 games and player reviews 1

First: The Medium

There is a distinct set of exclusives that will be released on two Xbox Series devices during the current year 2021, the most important of which is the horror game that will be launched, “The Medium”, which has attracted many players since its first announcement, due to its distinctive atmosphere and close to the “Silent Hill series of games.” And the players’ enthusiasm for the game increased after it was revealed that there are two worlds in the game, and the player moves between them easily and smoothly.

The style of play in this “The Medium” game is based on the role of a spiritual mediator who lives in two different worlds, namely the real world and the world of spirits, which makes the player enjoy a wider perspective to play, so that he discovers that there is no single truth for all that humans perceive, and that nothing seems the same. He, and everything has another hidden side.

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Second: Crossfire X

The game “Crossfire X” also tops the list of exclusive games for the two Xbox Series devices, which is a story mode from the Crossfire shooting and action games series, which is based on group competitions, and the game’s story includes an ongoing conflict between two mercenary companies, Black List and Global Risk, so that The player chooses between these two companies to struggle alongside them, by cooperating with a group of players who always strive to implement the tasks required of them.

In view of the skill and creativity of “Remedy”, which is the studio developed for the game Crossfire, by providing a wonderful and distinctive narration of the story of the game, we expect that we will witness a new and advanced gameplay experience for Crossfire on all levels. To be one of the best shooting games we got over the past years.

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Third: Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is one of the largest and most important Microsoft games, which was supposed to be launched on Xbox devices in November of the previous year 2020, but its release was postponed to the spring of this year 2021, in order to develop and improve the game’s graphics better, After the controversy over the level of her fee was in the disappointing presentation that came last year.

The players are waiting with great enthusiasm for the sixth version of the Halo Infinite game, as the game developers confirm that the update process for the game has expanded greatly in the recent period, and that the game’s developer studio is currently focusing on refining the gaming experience, so that the project is on the right track planned for the year Current 2021, and that the story of the new part will focus on the Master Chief character who has been absent from the fifth part.

And Microsoft pointed out the presence ofs of open world games in the game Halo Infinite, as well as confirmed that the new part will support the feature of playing on the same screen “Splitscreen” in addition to its support for the ability to connect to the internal network “LAN”.

It was also mentioned that the new part of the Halo Infinite game will see the return of the Black Undersuits, as well as the availability of many options on the shields, in addition to the availability of famous mods with new features.

In the end, although Xbox studios are expected to be late in launching their other upcoming exclusives, these games are the most important upcoming Xbox games that have won the highest percentage of votes among players via comments on the official Xbox tweet, so Halo Infinite is expected to have the highest player vote potential.

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