Learn about the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game and how to play it

Learn about the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game and how to play it
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The game Mobile Legends Bang Bang is one of the most popular MOBA games, which is an abbreviation for a multiplayer battlefield, and the number of game players exceeded about 75 million players worldwide, and the game was first released in November 2016, and the game won Very popularly in Southeast Asia, and in 2019, Mobile Legends Bang Bang won the award for Best Electronic Sports Game.

The confrontation in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game comes between two teams, each team consists of 5 players, and each team fights to protect its base in an attempt to destroy the base of the other team to win the game.

What are the components of the battle in the game:

First: The battle consists of three main tracks, each of which contains 3 sub-towers.

Second: The main base in the game is to send soldiers to help you destroy enemy towers and bases, and by killing enemy soldiers, you will get gold and experience that will help you improve your performance and buy more weapons.

Third: The battle consists of a map that contains a forest in which a lot of trees help the player to hide in it, in addition to a lot of monsters that help the player while playing these monsters are made of several types:

  • Ordinary monsters: the weak ones that can be killed to get more experience and gold.
  • Healing Monsters: They are harmless and from which the player gets more health by killing them.
  • Gold monsters: This gives the player the effect of gold every second for a certain period of time.
  • Elite monsters: these consist of two types of monsters, the degree of damage to them is medium, and they can be killed easily once the player reaches level 6.
  • Mythical monsters: these are the most powerful monsters in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game, as killing them requires the cooperation of all team members together, especially if the battle is in its beginning.

Learn about the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game and how to play it 1

How to find out the whereabouts of the monsters in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game

The player can distinguish the locations of the monsters in the game by looking at the mini-map in the Mobile Legends of Bang Bang located on the left of the screen from the top so that the colors of the points cross over the type of each of them:

  • Golden points: represent the presence of gold monsters.
  • Violet points: denote the presence of elite monsters.
  • Turquoise points: denote the presence of healing monsters.
  • Monster claws: express the presence of mythical monsters.

Types of characters in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game

The Mobile Legends Bang Bang game consists of many characters that you can play with, and they fall into 6 types, as follows:

First, the armored vehicle: are the heroes with defensive properties who have high HP, and they are at the front of the attack to protect the rest of their team and support them to eliminate the enemy.

Secondly, the fighter: They are those who possess a mixture of defensive and offensive capabilities, and their job is to help team members in the attack and cause more damage and destroy towers quickly.

Third, the thrower: They are the ones who have great capabilities in the attack from afar, while they have a clear flaw, which is the weakness of their defense, so the armored vehicle must be with them to protect them.

Fourth, the professional killer: They describe these heroes with great agility and causing great damage, and specialize in seizing opportunities to kill or disable opponents, and despite this, it is easy to eliminate them because they do not have defenses or high HP, so you must train for a long time so that the player can master this type Of the heroes in the mobile legends game Bang Bang.

Fifthly, support: their job is to provide support to their team members by having a higher HP or disrupting the opponent.

Sixth, the magician: This type of heroes have the ability to cause tremendous damage, and thus they are among the first targets in the battle to eliminate them, due to the great damage they have done.

Learn about the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game and how to play it 3

Gameplay in the Mobile Legends Bang Bang game

When starting the game and entering the battle, do not aim to kill your enemies directly as novice inexperienced players do, first make killing soldiers to defend your team’s towers your priority in playing. Attack normal monsters and gold monsters at first so you can get more weapons and equipment that raise your level and increase the power of your hero. Continuing to play and killing many monsters, reaching level 10 at least, will give you a big boost at the start of the game.

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Is Mobile Legends free to play?

Yes, Mobile Legends is free to play. However, players can purchase in-game items and currency using real money.

What platforms are Mobile Legends available on?

Mobile Legends is available on both iOS and Android devices.

How do I download Mobile Legends?

You can download Mobile Legends from the App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play Store (for Android devices).

How do I play Mobile Legends?

Players select a hero character and team up with four other players to battle against the opposing team. The goal is to destroy the enemy’s base while defending your own.

Can I play Mobile Legends offline?

No, Mobile Legends requires an internet connection to play.

Are there different game modes in Mobile Legends?

Yes, Mobile Legends has several game modes, including Classic, Rank, Brawl, and more.

How do I earn in-game currency in Mobile Legends?

Players can earn in-game currency by completing matches, daily quests, and events. They can also purchase currency using real money.

Can I play Mobile Legends with friends?

Yes, players can team up with friends to play Mobile Legends together.

Is Mobile Legends competitive?

Yes, Mobile Legends has a competitive esports scene with tournaments and professional teams.

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