How to play multimedia on the iTunes app

How to play multimedia on the iTunes app
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The iTunes application for playing songs and videos on all iPhones, iPads and iPods is one of the most important and popular applications that work on users’ devices worldwide.

Due to the many capabilities and advantages offered by the iTunes application to users, which made it one of the most important and indispensable applications for users of Apple devices.

Therefore, the iTunes application has become indispensable, especially for iPhone users, as those of us do not need a program that can play all media platforms such as audio, video and songs.

The iTunes program is not limited to playing media only, but it is full of many other advantages, such as the ability to download all applications and games on your phone without the need for another application.

And many other services that we will display in this report about the advantages and capabilities of iTunes and how to use it to get the most benefit Also.

We will mention all the devices and operating systems that support the iTunes application.

The iTunes application is not just a regular application like any other application available on Apple devices, but an application developed and programmed by Apple itself.

So it is considered one of the most trusted applications by users in terms of its distinctive and wonderful capabilities and services.

To have the highest percentage of media player usage and the highest ratings in the world.

In addition, the iTunes application is the main store for iPhone devices, which enables you to download all applications, games, and any content you want to obtain, whether free content or paid content.

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Also, one of the most important uses of the iTunes application is to provide the ability to subscribe to the Apple Music service.

Which is a service that allows Apple device users to listen to millions of songs on the Internet without any conditions or restrictions as well as no annoying ads unlike other applications.

And also allows you to download songs Free on your device to listen to it at any time.

It is worth noting that the iTunes application now not only works on Apple devices, but there are versions for computers running Windows such as Windows 8 and Windows 10 on both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Uses of the iTunes App

As we mentioned, the iTunes program is a useful program that has multiple tasks and uses, so that Apple has made sure to provide all the tasks in it so that users dispense with any other programs that are not needed.

In addition to its uses that we have mentioned, there are many other tasks that the iTunes application provides to users.

Among them is the ability to transfer and share multiple and different files from your computer to your iPhone or vice versa.

We previously mentioned how to do this process easily in a previous article that you can review.

By using a USB connection, the two devices can be synchronized together.

The iTunes application also gives you the ability to watch talk show programs that are shown on televisions, by following them online in the highest quality.

As well as controlling all the videos and audio clips you want to hear through the iTunes app.

It also offers you the ability to organize your music files by creating tables called iTunes tables and creating playlists manually with ease that help you organize your files as you like.

One of the most important advantages of the iTunes application is that it is considered a light and small program, with an area of no more than 120 MB, so it does not consume much of your phone’s space or affect its performance.

In addition to the simplicity of the program in terms of beautiful design and the display of all tools in the program in an easy way, it helps you to access everything you want easily and smoothly.

Also, as mentioned, the iTunes application is considered as a comprehensive store on your device through which you can download and download any digital content, applications or games you want, whether this content is free or paid.

In addition, it is considered one of the best applications that enjoy high security incomparable to other applications.

By providing tight policies and high security transactions that Apple has put in place to make it the best store on Apple devices.

Apple has been keen on preserving users privacy by providing high security settings.

In addition to providing more than 800,000 anti-virus applications and maintaining security and privacy.

Also, one of the most important advantages of the iTunes application is that it is considered a free application that anyone can download and enjoy and its many services.

Plus, it supports many formats for videos and music, so you won’t have any trouble playing any digital content.

The iTunes application also blocks all annoying ads that may appear in many other applications and cause a lot of distress to users.

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Finally, you can simply enjoy all the services provided by the Apple application and enjoy any digital content that you want to obtain, whether it is free content or paid content, by purchasing iTunes cards online from ar-pay in various price categories with ease.

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