About Roblox's Cards

Have you ever wanted to create your own virtual world? Or participate in the greatest virtual fun ever? No limitations, just your imagination and all those ideas you have around in your mind. Wouldn't that be a wonderful thing?

Roblox is a Massive Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) which gives flight to your creativity. Thousands upon thousands of players are creating numerous games every day...and you can be one of them! Of course, you can also choose to simply play the games others have prepared for you. Will it be an action-packed combat adventure? Or something more strategical? Explore a busy city, create fun games around the sea shore, or choose another setting. With 30 million players, Roblox will let you enjoy the right environment and features that fit your personal taste as a gamer. In fact, there are 15 million games created from virtual explorers just like you. Many of them use their Roblox points to perfect their creations. You can be one of those gamers who make something that's absolutely outstanding. Something that makes others go "Wow!" AR-Pay's Roblox game cards just make it easier to express your imagination. Roblox is a universe that's always growing and ready to have new players with fresh and creative ideas. In this new world, you can be a true hero. Join it!

How can I use a Roblox cards?

While Roblox is a free game and you can design your own games, earning a Roblox credit will unlock new opportunities to you. Want fancier settings and places for your games? Maybe a key to the exciting premium trading features of the game? Our Roblox gift card codes will help you amaze others with your creative capabilities. It's one thing to have an idea. It's another to give it a premium felling so others can't resist it.

For your convenience, we offer two types of Roblox prepaid card: a $10 Roblox voucher and a $25 worth of Roblox gold. You can use both of them to either get the special Robux currency or join the Builder's club. If you want to create games, the Roblox VIP card will let you build better, more interesting and interactive games. If you want to simply play, great news: your Roblox points can be used for getting promotional and contest items. Exclusive and a rare treasure, they will make you stand out from the rest of the players. It's always fun to play with style and HKS GLOBAL GROUP DMCC's Roblox prepaid cards help you achieve that.


The currency of the card must match the currency and the country of your account in Roblox to be able to use the product