The best puzzle games available on Google Play

The best puzzle games available on Google Play

The Google Play Store is the most important and best on the net, and the programmer who gains the confidence of the Google Play Store becomes his biggest idea to use, especially if it won the admiration of the audience who used this idea.

Therefore, the Google Play application has special importance for every programmer, and it has gained the same importance among the public because of their confidence in it, so through this report, we will talk about the most puzzle games that have won the public’s satisfaction and popularity enough to become the most important among its competitors over the rest of the games of the same type On Google Play, therefore, through the upcoming lines, the most famous games in the style of puzzle games available on Google Play will be presented.

Learn about the best puzzle games available on Google Play

All That Remains: Part 1

This game is considered one of the escape puzzles games, so your hero wakes up in a hideout, and you have to find a way to make him come out safely from that hideout before anything happens to him, and when you look at the contents of the room in the basement, we will see that it contains a set of puzzles that you have to solve, and in the events of the game, you can communicate with the victim’s sister via a two-way radio… Because of the difficult puzzles that the game contains, we will start. This game is considered one of the best Google Play games, so it is now available on the Google Play Store for those who like to try it at a price of only $2.99 without in-app ads.

Amanita Design puzzle games (four games)

The amanita design game is one of the most famous puzzle games on Google Play because it contains more than one unique and distinct puzzle game, despite its distinct classic style. It also features all the games that have fun puzzles in the solution and an interesting artistic style in the presentation and distinctive in the style presented, and although it is a game puzzle, its gameplay is very simple. When you wander around the world of this game looking for solutions to your puzzles, you will be very entertained with its unique and distinct little stories.

This premium game is available on Google Play at a price of $4.99, and this number is the lowest number you will pay to get this game from the Google Play Store, as there are no other purchases within the game.

Blue Wizard Digital

In this game, you play the role of a serial killer, as you are looking for as many bodies as you can slaughter but without the police paying attention to you or else the police will arrest you and lose the game, but beware this game is never for children or even adults who are weak in The stomach because of the blood contained in this game, and you also have to ask everyone's blood… Therefore, this game is considered one of the bloody puzzle games on Google Play .

If you want to buy this game, it has two prices, the first is $2.99 to play and make in-game purchases or pay $9.99 forever and don't pay for any in-game purchase.

Bridge Constructor Portal

This unique game on the Google Play Store revolves around searching for an unknown person and searching for him through a lost phone and in order to identify him, you must get to know another person to know the secret of his disappearance and what happened to him, this game is a very interesting puzzle game because of what It contains attractive content, so its price available on the Google Play Store is $2.99.

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